DIY Edge Painted Business Cards (So Easy!)

DIY Edge Painted Business Cards

When I attended Alt Summit this past June, I knew I wanted to spice up my previously plain business cards. After doing a massive search for business card ideas, I knew that something simple was definitely more “me.” I didn’t include many fancy graphics or images on my cards — instead, I invested in thick paper and spiced things up by edge painting the sides of my business cards. Today I’ve got a quick tutorial so that you can do

the same!

Supplies: Perhaps the most important ingredient is the thickness of your business cards. The thicker the better! I decided to go with Moo’s Luxe line and was really pleased with the cards I received! You will also need a clamp (I used this one), some paint, and a sponge brush.

When I was researching business cards, I found that if I got them professionally edge painted, it would be around $100 extra. To purchase all the supplies above (not including the business cards), it was less than $10!

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