Beachbody Coach Business Cards: Templates or Custom?

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First thing you probably think of when starting a Business is creating and preparing presentation materials. One of which are the business cards that you need to give to people. They will remind them, when they are ready and interested, to contact you about what you offer.

Once you become a Beachbody Coach, things are no different either. It becomes your business and you need to get prepared for the offline contacts, too.

Team Beachbody Coach Online office

It’s very easy to create your Team Beachbody Coach online identity. You have every help you could ask for in the Team Beachbody Coach office

The Coach Online Office helps you get every online materials you would need to get your Business going. However, for printed materials you would have to dig a little. And if you want anything customized you better have any knowledge in some image manipulation software or find anyone that can help you with that.

In the Sales & Marketing Section of the Coach Office you can find the Wear and Share Part where you are offered to buy additional branded materials. But, that’s it. Nothing else.

So, if you want anything custom made for you, including Team Beachbody Business Cards, you’ll have to use your own imagination and use the resources Beachbody offers for printing in the Product Tool Kits Section.

How can I choose my Team Beachbody Coach Business Cards?

Where can a Coach find customizable business cards for purchase?

Customizable Business Cards are only available in the Team Beachbody mall found in the Coach Online Office.

Are there any files available such as PDF/ Photoshop/ AI for a Coach to customize/personalize?

Beachbody does not offer business cards for download and personalize. But, there are many assets within the Coach Online Office that coaches may use to create their own printed materials. However, coaches must be aware of the specific guidelines set forth in both the Team Beachbody Coach Policies and Procedures and

Coach Online Office.

So, you can design your own Team Beachbody Coach Business Cards or you can select from the offered business card templates.

My Custom Business Card Design

In order to help you with the design process of your own Beachbody Coach Business Cards, I’ve created one template which you can download and edit, but you will need some vector graphics software. If you’ve ever used Inkscape, Coreldraw, Adobe Illustrator, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Business_Card_Front_Page._Don_Cookpng Business_Card_Back_Page

* When you click on the image, right click to save the file

How do I get my business cards?

If you decide to go with one of the templates that the Beachbody Partner Websites are offering, you’ll get them very easy. You just order the design you want, enter your Personal Data and they will delivered the cards straight to the address you’ve provided.

Whereas if you choose to design your own business cards, you’ll need to export your designs in .pdf or.jpg format. Then, if you don’t have your own printer, you should find a printing service and send them your design and get them to print out yours.

You can use some online printing service, like FedEx Office, or you can upload your design to the Zazzle custom creator and order your cards.

My further recommendations for your Business Cards as a Team Beachbody Coach

These are some interesting templates, but I encourage you to use your own imagination and to leverage the official logo images that you like to promote and create even few different cards.

It can help you present yourself better in front of different potential customers and target them according to their interests. For example, you may want to create a 21 Day Fix cards and give them to your female leads and P90X or T25 ones and share them with your male leads. It can help them select an appropriate program when they decide to commit in order to succeed.

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