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Birthday parties are the perfect time to let loose with your imagination. Whether the party is for a child or an adult, anything goes, and if hot pink and zebra print is your thing, you can incorporate both vibrant looks into your party decorations and food. From spiking the hummus with pink food coloring to going wild with the table scape, you can express your love for zebra print and hot pink on your birthday.

Hot Pink and Zebra Print Birthday Ideas
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You can begin the zebra print/hot pink love before anyone even walks in the door. Use invitations with either -- or both -- of them. This is also a good time to let your guests know the theme of the party. Drop a line asking them to incorporate your theme in their gift wrappings or even their outfits, even if it's just a small touch. If you think doing so might create a problem for some, add a little something in the invitation that each person can wear, like a pink and zebra print pin or a pair of inexpensive earrings, if it's an all-girl event or if all the guys you're inviting have pierced ears.

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Now it's time to create the ambiance. Drape your dining table with pink and zebra print tablecloths, and choose a centerpiece that embodies your theme. Cover the

chairs with hot pink cloth, tied back with zebra print sashes. Drape hot pink accent lights across the tops of the windows and pile them into large, clear vases for a decorate accent. Set up candles in your theme. Just remember that using zebra print as the accent rather than the star of the show will make it easier on everyone's eyes.

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Make a birthday cake that embraces the theme of your party. Bake cupcakes with pink frosting and line them with zebra paper cups, or create pink sugar cookies with a white and black striped candy pressed into the middle. Add pink food coloring to dips, pasta and mashed potatoes. Don't forget the drinks; many alcoholic and virgin cocktail recipes turn out hot pink. Rim glasses with pink sugar for an added zing.

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After an amazing hot pink and zebra birthday party, it's only appropriate that you send your guests home with a little something to remember it by. Make up little gift bags filled with colorful goodies, like candies, little toys, necklaces, bow ties and balloons, any of which are appropriate for children and adults alike. Even the gift bags can be colorful representatives of your birthday theme.

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