40+ Affordable Letterpress Business Cards

One of the traditional forms ofpopularizing businesshas been the use of business cards. Abusiness cardis very important for every businessman.
If your business card does not have a striking feature, your potential clients may not develop the urge to do business with you. Hence, your business card should appear attractive and make compel the receiver to read what’s written on it.

Your business card should have a lasting impression. One of the things that you can do apart from clearly listing your expertise on the card is to make use ofhigh quality and durable card materials .

  • Letterpress Business Cards Mock-Ups

This is a template design that has a very fresh and unique style. The color play used on the template is very fresh and bright to look at.

  • Letterpress business card

This is a template design that has a very fresh and unique style. The color play used on the template is very fresh and bright to look at.

  • Free letterpress business card mockup

This layout has a very simple and clean design. The colors used are very soothing and also completely editable. The template is also print ready.

  • Letterpress Business Cards 1color

The theme layout has a very formal and simple look. The design has been professionally accomplished. It is supported by English language.

  • Cool Letterpress Business Card Template

The letterpress business card template has a very simple but essentially formal look. The template is fully navigable and has responsive features.

  • Letterpress Business Card Block

The design is simple and minimalistic. The user can easily get this format from the internet and can download it in the form of word document.

  • Business card for a jewelry designer

The user can employ this letterpress business card design for making very simple and elegant business cards. The design is free of any extra frills and is retina friendly.

  • Letterpress Style Sun Business Card Template

  • Letterpress business card for hair stylist

The very concept of the card makes it suitable for business use for tailors or highly stylized fashion and spa salons. The template is print ready.


The look of this template is highly stylish and glamorous. The template can be employed to make business cards of very high order.

  • Letterpress Business Cards for Rachel Wunsch

  • Simple Letterpress Business Card

The template design has a simple and formal look. The minimalistic designs of the template make it suitable for being applied for different purposes.

  • Letterpress Business Cards Mockup

The color play of the theme gives the template a vintage look. The user can download the template in the form of word document.

  • Blind debossed letterpress business card

This is a letterpress business card layout that has a very simple format. The template has a great resolution range that can enable the user to get very good quality of printouts.

  • CMY Mustaches (letterpress style) Business Card

The template design can support the name of the person for whom the card is being made and also the contact details of the person.

  • Letterpress Business Card Roundup

The template has a very simple yet elegant look.

The design has been given responsive features that enable the user to navigate freely throughout the template. The design is ready to be printed. It has retina friendly images and is also SEO friendly. The user can change the content easily on requirement.

  • Letterpress Business Card

The template has a monochromatic theme. The colors of white and grey are the most dominant and give the template a simple and beautiful look. The user can make changes in the content of the template and also the background theme. The user can download this template from the internet with ease in the form of word document. The template is also compatible with various browsers.

  • 100 Calligraphy Letterpress Business Cards

  • Cool Letterpress Business Card

  • Letterpress Business Card

  • Retro Letterpress Style Nursing Icon Business Cards

  • Cracked Letterpress Business card

  • Black Letterpress Business Card

  • Die cut letterpress business card

  • Golden Owl Crest Letterpress Style Business Cards

  • Letterpress Business Cards Mockup

  • Business Card Mockup Pack

  • Photographer Business Card

  • Letterpress Business Cards Mockup

  • Cool Letterpress Business Cards

  • Getting Jalepeno Business Punny Food Letterpress Greeting Card

  • Sexy Business Card

  • Great Circle


  • 100 Custom Letterpress Business Cards

  • Gold Edge Letterpress Bcard Mock-up

  • serenaBolton_4_grande

A letterpress business card can be a great way to build highly professional business cards.Letterpressis an ancient styling for font in which the letters in raised style on certain type of material like wood or metal are applied ink and then pressed on to the paper.

Letterpress style is mainly used for invitations like wedding cards and special events. It is a great way to express something very essential. Moreover, you can choose from different styling options for lettering.

Letterpress business cards truly have a stunning appeal. There are plenty of letterpress design patterns for business cards available. You can browse through them and choose the one that will best promote your business.

If you go through the traditional way of approaching a designer to create a letterpress business card for you, you will end up spending lot of money. You can find affordable l etterpress business cardsin the form of readymade templates which can be easily modified.

After adding relevant details of your business, you can place a printing order. This will surely allow you to use high quality letterpress business cards in a very cost-effective way.

The letterpress business cards templates can be used for the purpose of making great business cards.

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