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Designing a Massage Therapy business card is often a time consuming exercise. Here are some tips and advice of what to do and what not to do...

What to do:

Don’t use them as massage therapy marketing tools. There’s a ‘much-ado-about-nothing’ about business cards and making them almost as important as a website or your business name. The fact is that a business card simply represents you, it doesn’t initiate a client to call you, or persuade a client to call you, unless that client has already made up his or her mind that they want to book a massage with you.

In my experience as a Massage Therapist and Global Massage Business coach, I always recommend that you use them when you are speaking with someone, rather than a marketing tool.

And I know colour looks better. But its not going to break you, and people aren’t going to turn away from you just because you have a black and white business card. I had black and white cards in my massage business and frankly people didn’t care about my business cards, they only cared about having their back pain gone so they could get out of bed in the morning.

Keep focused and don’t get caught up on wasting time to get the ultra glossy, swish “professional” look. Let me explain. By all means have a professional look, but don’t bust your gut and stress over something that can be easily done in black and white or sometimes not at all.

If you are going to do business cards, put appointment times and dates on the back so clients can use them as appointment cards. That works really well for me because clients would then have to keep them handy at all times so they’d remember their time. People would ask them about me and “hey presto! “I have Amy’s number and address right here.” It does you know what with one stone.

So don’t stress too much about your business cards.

There were times when I ran out of cards to no detriment to my massage therapy business. I would simply explain I was getting them done and wrote down details for my clients and explained I’d have new ones real soon. They were happy because they could get up off the massage table without pain. And once a client can do that they couldn’t care if you had gloss finish or a matt business card.

I always had my photo on my card which really helped people remember me. But keep in mind there’s a difference between clients remembering you and cold calling you if they’ve never met you before. You see people liked and remembered me because of my massage, and having a photo on my card caught their attention quicker. But I never used this as a marketing tool. There is a difference. I used editorials and targeted exposure to get clients, not business cards.

That’s the key. So just keep to a basic design and don’t spend hundreds of dollars getting swishy cards done up. You’re much better off taking that money and investing it into some targeted advertising where your target audience, already looking and seeking massage therapy, will see you, giving you a much greater and more satisfying experience.

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Good luck!

Amy Roberts

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