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Update, May 7, 2014: Evernote is now your go-to business card scanning app. Our deeper integration with LinkedIn enhances the way business cards are captured, displayed, and recalled in Evernote. Learn more.

We’re always looking for ways to make Evernote more useful in your everyday life. Today, we’re adding some Premium and Business features that will make Evernote for iPhone and iPad your go-to for a whole new set of daily tasks. Let’s take a look.

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Premium Feature: Business Card Scanning

Business card piles are the worst. They seem to collect like useless monuments to past meetings and conferences. It doesn’t have to be this way. Next time, instead of stuffing those cards into your pocket, snap a picture of them with Evernote’s new Business Card camera. Each card is instantly recognized, digitized, and converted into editable text that becomes a contact note in Evernote. You can find the Business Card mode by swiping right on the camera screen.

In your Account Settings, you can create a profile for yourself that can be emailed to your new contacts. It’s a nice, clutter-free way to complete that first meeting.

Better with LinkedIn
Evernote can only read the information that’s on the card, but if you want even more, we recommend connecting your Evernote account to LinkedIn. We’ll cross-reference what we find on the card with LinkedIn to make a richer note that even includes a photo of the person you’ve met.

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If you’re a Free user, you’ll be able to test this feature out on five business cards. Premium users get unlimited access to Business Card Scanning. Go Premium today »

Premium Feature: Presentation Mode

Presentation Mode has fundamentally changed how meetings happen at Evernote. There’s an amazing freedom

in knowing that you can share your thoughts with the group just by plugging in your Mac and launching Presentation Mode. Now, we’re bringing this feature to your phone and tablet, no laptop required. All you need is a screen set up for AirPlay or a cable for your device. Once you have that, tap on theMoredots at bottom of a note, then tapPresent .

Your notes will take over the screen. As you scroll on your phone or tablet, the screen will progress. Tap and hold to enable the laser pointer to show something important. To switch between day and night modes, tap on the sun or moon icons in top right of the screen.

This feature isn’t just for throwing your notes onto a screen. It’s also great for walking someone through an idea right on your device, without any distractions. You’ll love this on your iPad.

14-day Preview for All Users
Free users get a 14-day complementary preview of this Premium feature. Try it now.

Evernote Business: Faster Notes

We’ve added a new setting that lets you choose whether Quick Notes (the icons at the bottom of the homescreen) create Personal notes or Business notes by default. Just tap into Notebook Settings to choose how you’d like the Quick Notes to function.

If you use Evernote at work and would like to get your whole team doing the same, check out Evernote Business.

And More…

In addition to all this, we’ve added a sync button to the top of the home screen, making it possible to duplicate a note by tapping on the dots when you’re editing. We’ve also made the app faster and more reliable. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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