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We believe that the design of a business card is extremely important. When a business cards is presented to a potential client, they should immediately associate the company, that the business card represents, with quality and value. We design business cards to give potential clients a curiosity and an urge to use the call-to-action details as displayed, with a high expectancy of the service or product they need. Blue Sphynx can design your business cards as well as do the printing of your business cards. The minimum order amount is 500 business cards as we make use of a litho printing process.

The recommended details usually seen on a business card are:

  • Company Logo
  • Contact Person
  • Contact Number
  • Fax Number Number (If Applicable)
  • Email Address
  • Website
  • Office Address
  • Other details that some companies like to include on their business cards are:

  • The position of the Contact Person
  • The services that the company can offer
  • General information about the


  • Product Photos
  • The standard size of a business card is 90mm x 50mm and printed on a 350 gram paper which is quite thick and allows the business card to be strong and have a longer life span. We offer the following options for the design and print of your business cards, to make them more attractive and professional in the hands and eyes of a potential client:

  • Single sided or double sided print
  • UV Gloss finish on front side
  • Rounded corners - can be on all 4 corners or on any chosen corner
  • Drill hole punch
  • Scoring and Folding
  • These options are additional to the standard design, and have affordable additional costs. They can all be added to the set business cards or just some of them may be added according to your liking. These options will display as add-ons on the order page. Simply add them to your order should you need to.

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