Why Naples Florida is a Great Place to Do Business and Accept Credit Cards!

Why Naples Florida is a great place to do business

It’s a common fact that Naples, Florida is located right next to the Gulf of Mexico and is a beautiful place to live. Many people don’t realize that it’s also a great place to do business, too. If you’re thinking about creating a Naples business, you’re in luck.


Naples Florida is populated enough to offer businesses ample opportunities to find clients, but it’s not populated enough to have a saturated market. This also means that you can find land, workers, and capital for a lot less than in other areas. There are always job seekers that would be happy to work for you, but there aren’t quite enough people to make land and building prices unreasonable. Also, depending on what kind of business you’re looking at starting and where you’re planning on having it, you may be eligible for different kinds of grants, loans, and other incentives.


Most places aren’t exactly great for starting a business – you have local, state, federal, and self-employment taxes that can add up to almost half of your gross income! If you’re looking to start a Naples business, you won’t have to worry about

paying personal income tax, which can save you thousands of dollars every year. You also won’t have a lot of corporate taxes. Because its tax rating is one of the best in the country, Naples Florida has low tax rates across the board. The money you save from not having to pay taxes can be put to work in your business.

Business Permits

If you want to open a Naples business, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that getting a business permit isn’t as hard as getting one in other areas. It also doesn’t take as long. While still making sure they meet environmental and safety standards, agencies that grant business permits try their best to make everything as quick and pain-free as possible. The process is also made to be predictable, which is very important for many business owners and can even determine whether or not a business will fail within the first year or two.

You may have first thought of moving to Naples Florida because of its proximity to the ocean, but now that you know owning a Naples business might be a lucrative venture, moving to the city could make you money while also making you happy.

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