Brochure Holders With Business Card Holder

Brochure Holders with Business Card Holder

Sophisticated design and unique curvature really stand out in Plastic Products Mfg’s multiple styles of Brochure Holders with Business Card Holders, prime examples of the superior acrylic craftsmanship that make us an industry leader.   

These dynamic brochure displays do more than look pretty, though.  Each offers dual-functionality by highlighting marketing material from 4-1/4” wide up to 8-7/8” in crystal clear acrylic, and most are slanted at a perfect angle to make brochures and other printed material easy to read.  From countertops and desktops, your slicks and printed promotions jump right out and catch the eye.  We also have Economy Brochure Holders with Card Holders that come pre-drilled for wall mounting.  They’re among many economical options if you’re running on a tight budget, and can also be used on flat surfaces.

Now that you have their attention, the second part of the design kicks into gear via the attractive business card holder.  This part of your

acrylic brochure display holds 50 business cards, inviting customers and prospects to take a look at what you have to offer while cementing a stronger connection with your sales force.  An acrylic Brochure Holder with Card Holder attached makes a statement and extends an invitation to passing foot traffic: “Take a look at this winning offer, grab a brochure, and why not take a business card while you’re at it?”  From there, impulse takes over and your campaign hits a new level.  These top loading Brochure Displays are especially effective at trade shows, where information is exchanged up close and personal.  

Solid acrylic is remarkably tough, yet Plastic Products Mfg’s Brochure Holder/Business Card Holder combinations are lightweight enough that shipping charges are minimal.  We have every style here in-stock and ready to ship.  Customization is no problem, either.  Kick start your promotional campaign with eye-grabbing acrylic and watch sales blast off!  Your literature will be a hit and your business cards will be right alongside!

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