How to Use Business Cards to Pick Up Women (5 Easy Tips)

Your interesting business card is an introduction to herMeeting and attracting women is a marketing activity, only instead of marketing your business, you’re marketing yourself. Since your business card is a marketing tool, why not use it as part of your arsenal of pick-up tools?

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Here are some thoughts about how you can use business cards to pick up women (or men).

  1. One of the more clever and entertaining ways to do this would be to have business cards printed especially to use when you’re meeting potential dates. Instead of advertising your business, you’re advertising your status as a single person, so you could have business cards printed that indicate your status as a single male (or female.)
  2. Include whatever contact information you feel comfortable sharing with a prospective date–this might be your home phone number, your cell phone number, or your work phone number. Be sure to include an e-mail

    address too.

  3. A business card of this type should include a thumbnail size photo of your face. That way your prospective date will remember who you are when she looks at the card. (Sometimes when you meet people in bars, you forget what they look like.) You should do this even if you don’t think your face is attractive. Someone out there is attracted to every kind of face, and if she doesn’t like your face, then you’ve got no future with her even if she DOES call you.
  4. Include a quote or a joke of some kind of your card, but keep it clean. No woman wants to be creeped out by your business card.
  5. Sharing these business cards isn’t a replacement for starting conversations with women or asking for their phone numbers. But you might pick up a couple of extra dates here or there using this technique, so give it a try.


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