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Grab your new card at BP, Caltex or Countdown. You’ll need this to start earning AA Smartfuel discounts at Countdown. It’s your new AA Smartfuel card and doubles as your Countdown Onecard.

Nothing else changes. Your new card continues to offer the same great AA Smartfuel discounts at BP, Caltex and everywhere else.

AA Members just use your new Membership card.

AA Smartfuel Homepage Hey, I'm Edward. I know all the tips & tricks, so you can save heaps on fuel.
  • Instead of making one big purchase of $120 at the pump and redeeming your 6 cent per litre discount straight away...

    Buy $40 of fuel each time and choose to accumulate the 6 cent per litre discount three times.

    You'll now have a balance of 18 cents per litre that you can redeem on your next fill at BP or Caltex (50 litres maximum).

  • Your AA Smartfuel card isn’t just to be used at BP and Caltex.

    If you use it when shopping at our other participating retailers...

    You can accumulate more savings to cash in at the pump.

  • You’ve got plenty of time to accumulate AA Smartfuel discounts.

    They last till the end of the month after the month of purchase.

    So if you make a purchase in June, the discounts will last till the end of


  • We don’t all have the memory of an elephant. It’s hard to keep track of our savings.

    Wish you could see a real time balance and when your savings expire?

    Download our free app and all your account information will be in your pocket.

  • You can link multiple cards to the same AA Smartfuel account.

    So you and your family can accumulate fuel savings together.

    Then you can cash in your combined savings at the pump.

  • Our retailers regularly have special fuel offers.

    Make sure you’ve opted in to receive emails from us and we have your correct email address.

    Then we can let you know where you can shop to score the best fuel discounts.

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Save 8 cents per litre on the first 50 litres when you spend $40 or more on fuel at BP. Friday 10 February 2017 only. Conditions apply.

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Save 6 cents per litre when you spend $200 or more per week, or save 3 cents per litre when you spend at least $100 per week across all your visits to Countdown (from Mon to Sun). Conditions apply.

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Save 6 cents per litre on the first 50 litres when you spend $40 or more on petrol or diesel at participating Caltex stations. Conditions apply.

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