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As a blogger, I think one of the most important things you can have are business cards. Many bloggers and individuals overlook the value and power of a great business card, yet this small piece of paper is your first opportunity to make a strong, positive impression on others. Business cards are crucial for networking, as they are the best way to promote yourself. From experience I have learned that taking the easy and cheap way out is not the best option especially if you are looking to expand and grow your blog.

When I first started blogging I missed out on many opportunities by not having any business cards. After attending several events and awkwardly making up excuses as to why I didn't have cards when others asked, I finally decided to order some. Around this time, Paulina of wrote a blog post about her fashion blogger business cards and after reading her post I decided to make my cards at This site allows you customize your cards to your liking while getting a 360 preview and the price point is great if you're on a budget. I ended up ordering the basic matte cards with my header at the time and all of my blog's information on it. They looked pretty good but they felt flimsy and cheap to tell you the truth. After a year I wanted to refresh the picture on my cards so I ordered a second batch and didn't change the paper quality. I was stuck with good looking cards on cheap paper once again and it was all my fault since I didn't want to pay more.

Prior to this incident I had ordered separate business cards for Bella by Gypsy from My friend Stacie recommended this site to me, and I really liked the templates they had available. I could tell that the quality of their cards were definitely worth the price. When my cards arrived I was super impressed with not only the quality, but Moo's amazing customer service. My cards arrived before the scheduled shipping date, well in time for my upcoming makeup class. My clients were very impressed with my cards and I received many compliments. It felt great to have business cards that reflected the quality of my work and my brand.

A couple

of months ago I decided to get new business cards for the blog all together and I did not hesitate to order from You can also design your own business cards on Moo but I decided to go with their Polaroid template and add photos from my blog posts to make them stand out. My package arrived earlier than expected again and I was ecstatic. Moo's attention to detail and overall branding is phenomenal. I paid around $75 (after discount codes) for 200 business card that arrived in a cool white box. Inside of the box the cards will divided in packs of 50, with one pack enclosed in a black business card holder box for storage. This little black box is perfect to take to events and my favorite part of it is the "mine" and "theirs" dividers that are included. I can't think of a better way to keep your cards organized.

I was already impressed with Moo since I loved my first order but I was speechless with the amazing look and quality of my Gypsy in the City cards. I was so happy, that I wrote them an email expressing my joy - something that I hardly ever do with companies. Blogging is something that I take very seriously and it is crucial for me to have business cards that accurately portray that. After dedicating so much time to building and expanding my blog why would I want to miss out on the opportunity to start building a positive brand image right from the start with great business cards?

Every time I give my card away I always get amazing feedback and people always want to know where I purchased my cards from. If you are a blogger or just someone who is interested in purchasing great quality business cards that have a lasting impression check out I promise you will not be disappointed. I would never write such a long post about a printing company if I didn't truly love their products and services. After writing this post I get the feeling that I shouldn't have wrote anything to begin with because the cards speak for themselves honestly. Welp, there goes precious time I could have spent on my beauty sleep!

Interested in ordering dope business cards for your blog or business? Click the Moo links provided to receive 10% of your first order and don't forget to share you new cards with me, I want to see!


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