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Business Card Recognition Software is a powerful application that can create and manage business cards, as well as to recognize scanned content using the built-in OCR engine.

It can also manipulate driving licenses, ID cards, as well as simple photographs. The cards can be organized inside databases, which can be merged, backed up and restored in a couple of clicks.

Friendly user interface

Due to its complex engine, the program relies on a rather lengthy installation process, throughout which your intervention is required for the installation of various drivers and third-party apps that are compulsory for the program’s runtime.

The first acquaintance with the user interface is a pleasant experience, since the main window is well organized into sections, menus and toolbars that are easy to explore.

Acquire or import information

First and foremost, you are required to create a database where all your cards and IDs will be stored, after which you can create new records from scratch, as well as to import them from various

types of files such as Outlook, Outlook Express, vCards, text, Excel spreadsheets, CSV or XML files

Alternatively, you can also read cards from a local scanner via the Optical Recognition Engine that accurately detects text and transfers it inside the main application. The cards can be sorted according to various criteria, as well as exported to a wide array of popular formats or printed on the spot.

There’s also a built-in calendar feature that allows you to schedule events in the future, offering a comprehensive overview of your agenda for the current year. It is a useful feature that allows you to set reminders for birthdays, anniversaries or other events.

Create and store electronic business cards

Overall, Business Card Recognition Software does seem like a complete software that can manipulate business cards in a professional manner. While the integrated OCR technology is reliable, it is optimized for detecting Chinese and Japanese characters rather than Latin alphabets. However, each business profile can be manually modified and appended.

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