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For all of those MCP (Microsoft Certified Professionals) out there – there’s a new site which you may want to be aware of! Microsoft has teamed up with Hawkeye to create an avenue for displaying your credentials in a more formalized manner. In the past, we’ve seen people emailing PDF’s of their Microsoft Transcripts or even sharing a link with a custom secret login and password. The site still makes use of that process, however, the method in which an MCP’s information is rendered is much more favorable.

You’ll want to visit the site here:

Once you’re logged in with the Windows Live ID that your Microsoft credentials are associated with, you’ll have the option to design your own personal template and share the information you choose. There are various background templates for the

business card – as well as the ability to load a personal avatar as I have done.

Check out the finished product for my personal MCP Virtual Business Cards here:

I’ve already updated my email signature to reflect the link shown above. I feel like it’s just one more positive step in showing your clients and contacts your skill set. Kudos to Microsoft and Hawkeye for making a much needed change to the Microsoft Certification program!

By the way… I’ve not confirmed but I expect that these same benefits are available for MCTs (Microsoft Certified Trainers) and MOSs (Microsoft Office Specialists). Perhaps soon we’ll see these links submitted with cover letters, rather than the fear of whether your cumbersome attachment actually went through and ended up in the hands of the appropriate hiring manager.

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