DIY Business Card Envelopes

DIY Business Card Envelopes & New Business Cards for Hands Occupied

If you haven’t noticed from my Twitter & Instagram, I’ve been in Salt Lake City this week learning about a brand new cutting machine from Cricut. I’ll be getting one of the new Cricut Explore machines in a couple weeks and will post a full review, much like this one of the Cricut Mini. For the rest of the week, I’ll still be in SLC for my first time at Alt Summit, a blogging conference that’s known for being crazy fun and a great way to learn more about being a better blogger.

Alt is particularly famous for its fun parties, fashion and business cards. Since I’m not a fashion blogger, I knew business cards would be a place I could represent my DIY side. The DIY library pockets I shared last week were born from my new business card design, which I’d like to share with you today!


scissors 1/2 inch circle punch #1 coin envelopes

custom stamp kit (like this)

ink pad

business cards


The envelopes for my library card pockets and business cards share the same design. You just grab a #1 size coin envelope and trip off the flap at its crease.

Then you use a half inch circle punch to cut a half circle out of the non-seam side of the flapless envelope.

This is where the business cards and pockets differ. I wanted the library-inspired envelopes my cards come in to feel  veryold school bookish, so incorporating hand stamping and stamping in general was what I was looking to do.

Luckily for

you crafters who appreciate an old school aesthetic (like me), you can still buy custom stamping kits off the rack at major office supply stores. I got the stamping kit Staples carries, which comes with two differently sized fonts and two wood stampers – one can accommodate up to 7 lines of text, and the other, three.

Outfitting the stamp with your custom text is easy. The kit I used came with a tweezer, though I found just using my fingertips worked just fine. The hardest part was getting the text all centered and deciding how to balance the two fonts.

Then, you just ink your stamp center the text, and stamp & stuff your envelopes with cards. It didn’t even take me two full hours to make and stuff 250 cards for the Alt Summit conference. I’ve already given out a few of these, and people seem to love the librarian by day/DIY crafts blogger by night combo a lot. Yay!!

I’ll probably be a little busy today through Saturday with conference activities, so feel free to keep up on social media, which I’ll be on constantly, especially facebook, twitter & instagram at #altsummit.

Inspiration for the envelope portion of my cards comes from this design by Babel Design. 

Heidi Gustad is a knitting, crochet and crafts designer who grew up in North Dakota. She first learned to knit at age 8 from a grandmother who saw in her a need for something to keep her busy. She's now a full time designer and Chicagoan. You can keep up with her designs and more by following handsoccupied on your favorite social network.

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