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While it may seem something very obvious, showing appreciation for those firms you are doing business with, along with your employees, is one of the more important aspects of continuing in a strong business relationship with them.

Many will never say it, but the extra little things you do, like giving them a business holiday greeting card at specific times of the year does a lot to cement and help to continue solid business relationships at the various levels you have with them.

This doesn't mean that we don't offer top notch service and can get away with it if we're thoughtful and nice to those we do business with or work for us, rather it's an extension of the way we do business, and seals the deal as far as showing we're thinking of them in all ways, not only in doing business with them alone.

So a corporate holiday greeting card is one of the top ways to accomplish that with your clients and employees, and spending a little time thinking it through goes a long way toward it being an effective but subtle part of your marketing arsenal without them knowing it.

You would be surprised at how doing little things like giving away a corporate holiday card can go toward good will with those you're doing business with, and for your employees who will be more willing to work things out with you rather than always thinking of being combative because of poor communication and relationships.

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I started off one of the business greetings cards offered by going beyond the Christmas holiday, simply to remind us that there are more holidays than Christmas, and in reality, the fall season all the way through the New Year are considered the holidays.

Why that's important to remember is it always gives us an excuse to make another contact with or clients or employees in order to solidify and remind them of how important they are too us. Just be sure it's presented in a real way; meaning make it more personal and not professional for the best results.

Notice how the Thanksgiving card not only celebrates that wonderful day, but also includes the autumn elements of pumpkins, leaves and a gourd. That usually creates a terrific feeling that we all associate with that time of the year.

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I like the business holiday card below because it looks sharp while being made very simple. To me it catches the eye, has nice color, and offers an effective but somewhat subtle opportunity to send a message with your company or personal name there.

It's effective because it's unobtrusive while providing a message that everyone can relate to.

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What makes me really like this business holiday greeting card is the message on the front, which makes the declaration of hopes for peace and prosperity to them; something all clients want to hear. Nice business holiday card that rightly focuses on those receiving the card.

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This is a great themed corporate holiday card, obviously referring to a tax preparer or accounting firm. Including the business it does on a Christmas ornament really works for me, and it makes the one receiving it smile at the cleverness of how it's done.

In this case the way the reminder of doing business with them is done in fashion that removes the sense of being pressured. It is replaced with the humor of placing the message on the Christmas bulb itself, and a word about it not being said.

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What is great about this card is you could get it for your workers or clients, and showing appreciation for their contribution to your success is one of the smarter moves you can make when presenting business Christmas cards to clients or employees. You just won't miss with this, and it's a very safe and effective way to communicate honest appreciation to clients and employees.

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As you can see from these examples, business holiday cards are a great way to show thankfulness and appreciation for a client's business and the work done by your people to make your business what it is. Do it right and you'll get a lot of mileage out of a simple practice which has proven very effective towards creating good will and cementing strong relationships with your customers and workers. What's not to like about it?

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