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Fundraising Set Flyer

Offer organizations the opportunity to earn money with a one item fundraiser. In most cases, the consultant will take a portion of their profit and give it to the fundraising organization. Set the fundraiser up as a party and the consultant as the host. The consultant will be able to earn the host credit for the orders to add more products to their demonstration kit.

Printable Fundraiser Order Forms
English - Spanish

I "Can" Help Party - Canned Food Drive

Food Drive Party Flyer
We Can help Food Drive Invite Flyer

Sell 10 Sets

Tupper Lotto

Everyone Wins Party

EVERYONE WINS Outline - How it Works

Everyone Wins Party - October 2013 Sales Month

Outside Order Form 6 per Page

Vendor Events

Holding a Successful Vendor Event

Help Wanted Flyers

Help Wanted Flyers
Full Page Help Wanted Flyer - Display on your table in a frame
2 Per Page Help Wanted Flyer - Insert in your party planning packets and host planning packet

Full Page Help Wanted Flyers with Tear Off's Display on bulletin boards around town. If using the PDF version. attach your printable address labels at bottom of flyer and then cut slits in between the address labels so people can tear them off. If using Publisher just fill in your contact information and print. *You must have the Publisher software to edit this file.

PDF - Publisher

Cold Calling Script

Our fabulous team member Christina German created a Cold Calling Script that you can use to connect with people through the phone book!

Thank you Christina, you are AMAZING!!! <3

Cold Calling Script for Your Tupperware Business

Survey Parties

Survey parties are a great way to show a specific product and to get feedback and sales from customers! Print out the following survey party forms depending on the product you will be demonstrating.

Survey Party Recorded Call with Cheryl Smith, CPO of North America

Survey Party Script

Smooth Chopper Survey

Chop N Prep Survey

FridgeSmart Survey

Quick Chef Pro Survey

SmartSteamer Survey

Whip N Prep Survey

Microwave Pasta Maker Survey

Stack Cooker Survey

Bridal Showers

Bridal Shower Table Display Sign
Bridal Shower Ideas
Bridal Shower Invitation

Bridal Shower Ideas
Bridal Theme
Bridal Shower Gift Certificate - 4 per page

Scroll Parties

Scroll Party Instructions
Scrolls - Order Forms

Party In A Bag

Party in a Bag Hostess Instruction Label
Party in a Bag Hostess Folder Label
Hostess Wish List with Tracking
Party in a Bag Tic-Tac-Toe
Party in Bag Label


7 Questions for Auction Money - 4 per page
Person A or Person B

Party Theme & Recipes

Candy Recipe Booklet
Candy Recipe Cards (4 to a page)
Microwave Candy & More

Popcorn Theme Party

I Can Help - Food Drive Theme Party

Bowls for Basics Theme Party
Bowls for Basics Flyer
Bowls for Basics Invitation

Sheerly Elegant Cake

Custom Kitchen Planning

Custom Kitchen Planning Gift Certificate
PDF Version - Publisher Version

Custom Kitchen Planning Storage Charts 4 Pages Color

English - Spanish

4 Pages Black and White
English - Spanish

Two Pages (English Only)
Color - Black and White

Tupperware Bingo


Gifts to bring for the Bingo

Bingo Outline Explanation

Raffle Ticket Drawings Tent Cards

Tupperware Gift Cards / Printable Gift Certificates

To receive sales credit for any Tupperware gift certificate purchases you need to have a paid Gold or Plus Tupperware website. Gift certificates are not available to order through the MySales web application. Visit your website and click on the gift certificate link and purchase a Tupperware e-gift certificate and mail it to yourself. You can then print off one of gift certificates templates below, enter the gift certificate details and present the recipient with their gift certificate.

Tupperware Gift Cards and Holders

Christmas Theme Gift Certificates
Tupperware e-gift Certificate - PDF Version
Tupperware e-gift Certificate - Microsoft Publisher Version

Internet Marketing

Create an Online Presence for your Tupperware Business - by Wendy Leal

Business Opportunity Call

Share the facts about our fantastic opportunity by listening in to one of our business opportunity calls and inviting your guests to do the same: Tuesday Night Call Times: 7:30 PM - Pacific 8:30 PM - Mountain 9:30 PM - Central 10:30 PM - Eastern Saturday Morning Call Times: 8:30 AM - Pacific 9:30 AM - Mountain 10:30 AM - Central 11:30 AM Eastern Please dial in at your local time to this number:

605-475-3200 - when prompted please enter access code 113616#

Business Opportunity Trifold

Business Opportunity Postcards
Color - Greyscale


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