We Miss You Letter!

A We Miss You business letter is an absolutely powerful and effective way to get old retail customers who haven’t been in your store for a while to come back.

This is a strategy that very few retail stores and businesses use, but it’s crucial to your success! If we did not use this technique we would be missing out on thousands of dollars per year.

Look, the fact is people get busy and forget about you. And even if you contact them every month with a newsletter (and you should), some people respond to different things.

Try this ‘We Miss You’ sales letter strategy today:

Step 1: Get a list of customers who have not visited your store anywhere from 3 months to a year or more.

Step 2: Create an Offer. Make it good! Don’t make them jump through hoops. Offer a discount and a free gift (or mystery gift). You can buy real cheap cool gifts from all types of vendors online (let me know if you need help with this).

Step 3: Mail your letter (or postcard. We use a postcard and it works great. But use a GIANT postcard to make it stand out. Don’t get wimpy and cheap here – use color).

Sample We Miss You Business Letter:

Dear (Name),

Value and quality – these are the two criteria that guide a savvy shopper’s buying experience. At (name of store) we know that you have no time or money to waste.

Ideally you would like to shop exclusively at several select stores, ones that understand your unique preferences and tastes. We would like to be one of those stores.

Since you have shopped with us before, you already know that our buyers preselect our merchandise so that when you enter the door with a purchase in mind, you do not have to search long to find it.

And if you don’t see it right away, our staff is eager to help you. We follow the latest trends, colors and styles.

Our displays are always fresh; our inventory is extensive; our prices are reasonable; and our return policies are generous. Most importantly, we pay attention to our customers’ needs; we listen and deliver.

It’s been a while since we have seen you, and we have missed you. Since our greatest goal is to retain you as a satisfied customer, we would like you to invite you to take advantage of our 21% “We Miss You Discount.”

You will find

exciting savings throughout our store. We also would like to hear your feedback. Let us know what you like about our store and where we need to improve. As a valuable customer, your opinions are important.

Hurry to take advantage of your 21% “We Miss You Discount.” It is limited to a few select customers. We are eager to welcome you back!



Your Store

We Miss You Letter Example #2:

In this sample letter we are using a salon as the example business. But don’t let that sway you from modeling it because you can change it and tweak it for your business.

Dear (Name),

It’s been a while since we have seen you, and we hope that you are looking forward to a summer filled with fun and relaxation. We know that you will want to look your very best whether you are lounging by a pool, sailing on a lake or sipping wine after a tennis match.

Even if you are simply chauffeuring your children around to their activities, feeling confident in your appearance provides you with that added zip of energy!

We hope that you will take advantage of (Name of Salon’s) full range of services. From advanced haircuts and styling to facials, massages, spray-tanning, lash extensions and mani-pedis, we are here to serve you – and if you are not completely satisfied with the results, we will make adjustments at no extra cost.

(Name of Salon) is quickly becoming the #1 salon choice among discriminating clients who expect – and deserve – the very best in high-quality products and superior services, and we hope that you will take advantage of our current ‘welcome back’ specials! You will find that our dedication to excellence has not changed and that we have expanded our capacity to offer the newest services now available.

Enjoy our sparkling clean environment and our free coffee, warm tea or minted water while you wait. We guarantee results; offer loyalty rewards for valued clients; and will even coordinate group events for your office staff, wedding party, or special occasion.

Call (phone #) today to make an appointment for an unforgettable experience! We look forward to seeing you!

Warm regards,


These sample we miss you letters needs a little cosmetic work, and even the ad copy needs a little work. But I am sure you can tweak it yourself. Just be sure to include the following:

  • Headline
  • Picture
  • Coupon
  • PS
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