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Silver Buckle Services was just voted the Gold award for Best EQUINE Ad Designer in the 2016 Reader's Choice Awards with and Show Horse Today Magazine. We also won a Silver award for Best Business Owner and we are honored and humbled to accept this award.

​Thank you to all our loyal clients who voted for Silver Buckle Services!

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 Social media has gone crazy. People are spread too thin and trying to do too much. We often get asked, what should I do? Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Instragram, YouTube, Pinterest are the latest trendy places to be on the internet and if you are running a business, it is something you can't ignore.We tell our clients to pick one thing and do it well, don't spread yourself too thin and think what has the most impact. The problem we see most with our clients, is trying to do too many things in different places and not enough of it in any place on a consistent basis.  

​We feel Facebook has the best bang for your buck (pardon the pun). We tell our clients to s tart a with just one thing, and then do that one thing well. Silver Buckle Services can help you get your business on Facebook and teach you the tips and tricks and get your business advertising going strong on social media. 

Picture BUSINESS haschanged , have you changed with it?Google has changed the face of the internet, they are leading internet company that sets the trends and direction of the technologies and as of APRIL 23rd, 2015, they unveiled a major game changer.  If your site isn't mobile friendly as of this date, you will eventually loose your search engine rankings to those who have mobile friendly sites. If your site is listed high now and isn't mobile friendly, that will soon change and you will see your site penalized for not being mobile friendly and the result will be a drop in ranking. 

Don'twaitbefore it is too LATE!

Silver Buckle Services will do a free website review for you to determine your site's mobile friendly readiness as well as give you a plan for how to revamp it to meet today's mobile standards. 

Contact us today to get your free website review.

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Silver Buckle Services 
The only thing we don't do is make belt buckles! Silver Buckle Services specializes in professional equine marketing services for the equine industry. Whether you’re an equine business or organization hoping to improve your image and your bottom line, or an equestrian looking to promote themselves for sponsorships, we can tailor a equine marketing & advertising solution to fit your needs AND your budget. Silver Buckle Services offers affordable and innovative equine design solutions for print media & internet solutions, websites, and social networking. Silver Buckle Services also offers equine business consulting, promotions, advertising and PR management. 
  • We customize your Business & Equine Marketing by offering equestrian business consulting, plans & research 
  • Our Advertising & PR Management can be tailored to meet your budget
  • All  equine Advertising, Marketing and Promotional Plans are based on the current trends in the horse industry
  • Our strengths are in Equine Industry Relationship Management, Strategic Alliances, Equine Marketing Partnerships & Collaborations 
  • Have trouble writing copy for ads or websites? We provide Editing & Copywriting for all your marketing needs.
  • We offer print & web, booklets, newsletters, books & Press Releases 
  • We offer promotional items and signage including; stall drape design, tradeshow display and booth display items.
  • Award winning! Best Equine Graphic & Creative Equine Design available.
Visit our Services page for a basic pricing outline.

For Print 

Equine Logos, Ads, Flyers, Brochures, Direct Mail Pieces, Postcards, Newsletters, Booklets, Book Covers, T’shirts & Hats, Promotional Items, CD/DVD Covers, Outdoor Signs, Truck

wraps, Stall drapes, Tradeshow Graphics & much more. Contact us to get a quote for your equine print marketing project. 

For Web

New equine site design & development, Existing site revamp,  site evaluation & consulting, Content Management Systems (CMS) Custom Website Graphics, Online Stores, Blogs, PDF/Downloadable Forms, Online videos, Simple & Small to Large & Extravagant! Contact us to get a quote for your equine website project.

For Email
Silver Buckle Services now offers e-Newsletter services. Reach your equine target audience without wasting any stamps or paper! e-Newsletters are the newest way to keep in touch with your clients or organization members. With only a few steps, you could be sending to 1000s of people. Contact us to find out more about our e-newsletter services. Sign up for a Constant Contact account

Contact us to get started on your next project!

We Know Our Industry - And, We Know it Well!
We offer the following design and consulting services:

  • Equine Web Site Design, Development
  • Content Management systems
  • Digital Product Delivery
  • Database Driven Equine Web sites
  • Adobe Flash Integration
  • Photo Editing, Digital Enhancement and Re-touching
  • Horse Web Graphics
  • E-Newsletter Setup, Layout and Design
  • Equine Industry Business Logo Design
  • Equine Ad Banner Design
  • Horse Industry Posters
  • Equine Print Advertisements and Brochures

  • Equine Brochures
  • Equine Tradeshow Displays, Booth Displays and Banners
  • Car and Trailer Graphics
  • Stall Drapes and Custom full color banner drapes
  • Horse Advertising Campaigns
  • Equine Journalism & Copy Writing
  • Custom Printing
  • Horse Business Card Design
  • Proposal Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Online Sales for Horses and Products
  • Technical Training and Support

Our experience offers a lifetime in the horse industry and has positioned us to know what horse people buy, what they like and how they think. Contact us to schedule a consultation to better position your horse business in this tough economy. We can help you strategize on the best approach to take this year to further your goals. Where should you advertise? What type of ad? What are the top 5 things you can do to increase recognition of your business? What should you say on your web site? We can help answer these tough questions. 

Silver Buckle Services - Reach-out Programs 
Silver Buckle Services proudly supports a number of equine and children’s charities.

It is our philosophy that even a small gesture can have a great impact. We encourage all of our clients & associates to do what they can to make a difference.

Silver Buckle Services sponsors a number of equine professionals. We are so proud of our sponsees and wish them well on the road in 2012.

  • Richard Winters Horsemanship - Professional Horseman, Trainer and Clinician, TV personality
  • Sarah Winters Horsemanship - Profession Horse Trainer, Clinician
  • Steve Kutie - Kutie Performance Horses - Professional Reiner and Western Dressage Trainer
  • Julio Moreno Livestock - Professional Bull Breeder - (Rodeo Stock, Home of "Troubador" and PBR bull of the year "Bushwacker")
  • Terry Meadows - Meadows Performance Horses - Professional Bull dogger
  • Katie and Jenna LeMaster - WPRA - Professional Barrel Racers

Why do we work so hard for our clients?

Because we love what we do! We love the horse industry and are passionate about horses and horse people! It's not just a job to us, it's our lifestyle and joy. We don't simply design pretty marketing materials and websites, we specialize in helping businesses from the ground up.  We work with you to shape the face of your business and give you a professional, competitive edge. Our ideas can help you to succeed!

PictureWe try to keep you updated on the latest trends in the industry and new and exciting offers, articles and information. Check out our blog!  What is a blog? It is a journaling and marketing tool that you can use on your website to increase search engine keywords and provide rich content for your website viewers to read. You can post ideas, articles, information, stories, and experiences that you want to share with your viewers.

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