Lenticular business cards

Lenticular business cards

Lenticular business cards are guaranteed attention grabbers. People will look at them and pay attention to the effect created over and over. Additionally they'll show the card around and usually keep it handy to show others.

What are lenticular images?

Lenticular images are digital files that have been specially prepared and then printed onto a lens material. This material is a special plastic made up of lenticules, hence the name lenticular printing. The image, viewed through the lenticules, appears to change or move or morph as it is turned creating dramatic animation or depth.

Lenticular cards

Lenticular images combine digitally interlaced printed or photographic image with rows of optical grade lenses. These interlaced images, printed directly to the back of the lens, focus light on different strips of the surface and magnifies whatever image is there. Viewing the image from different angles � by moving � creates the desired illusion.

Lenticular graphics can be described as specialized images which when viewed under certain circumstances will produce 3-D or animated sequences. The technology of this product consists of two main elements-a specially prepared (interlaced) image that contains data from two or more graphics which is placed in precise alignment with a lenticular lens. The lenticular lens isolates, magnifies, and displays the image data from each individual graphic according to the angle of observation(Ill.1). Bearing these points in mind, we can begin to understand how the 3-D and animated effects are achieved.

Lenticular marketing pieces are guaranteed to turn heads!



Perception of depth in humans is due to the fact that we have two eyes offset from each other which view our environment from two slightly different perspectives. Our brains subconsciously converge these two views such that the differences in the spatial relationships of the objects viewed give us the perception of depth. There are several stereoscopic technologies that give the effect of depth, however, most suffer from the limitation of requiring special glasses to isolate the left and right eye perspective views. Lenticular graphics have the benefit of not requiring specialized glasses to perceive depth.

Referring back to the first paragraph, a lenticular lens isolates, magnifies, and displays a single graphic image according to the angle of observation. If the lenticular lens is oriented perpendicular to the axis of the eyes (i.e.lenticules running vertically or from top to bottom) each eye will view the lenticular lens from slightly different angles. If the multiple graphics interlaced to create the lenticular image are perspective views of an object or scene, they can be arranged such that the left and right perspectives are displayed to their respective eyes giving the viewer the illusion of depth without the need for special glasses.

Upon understanding the concepts involved in lenticular 3-D, understanding flip, morph, and full motion lenticular animation is a simple matter. If the lenticular lens is rotated so that the lenticules are oriented parallel to the axis of the eyes(i.e. running horizontally or from left to right) both eyes view the lenticular lens from the same angle of observation. Simply, a single graphic is viewed by both eyes. If the lenticular image is tilted in an up/down direction, the angle of observation changes and the interlaced graphics can be viewed in sequence. It is advisable that lenticular animations, especially handheld images, be oriented in this manner so as to avoid the left and right eyes viewing separate graphic elements. This will minimize observing a latent secondary image commonly referred to as "ghosting".


Various effects that can be created with lenticular printing. Including 3D, Image "flipping", motion, morphing and animation.    

Lenticular flip effect sample
Flip - is an effect used to show up to 2-5 distinct images, one after the other. Although the most basic out of all the lenticular effects, flips can also be the most dramatic! Sell multiple products, make the piece bi or tri-lingual or simply induce a second look. The basic "flip" has two images printed on the same page, but we can go up to a 4 image flip.


Real 3D - allows the transformation of the two-dimensional reference of your choice into a multi-layer three-dimensional image. Photogram also has perfected and uniquely offers wire-frame 3-D. Lenticular effects using 3D depth images utilize the Parallax theory. Our brain compares the different views from our right and left eyes, processes the data, and creates what we see as a three dimensional world. This effect can be achieved with a 3D photo shoot or by simply supplying each element on a separate layer. Quench your thirst with the realistic cup art of swimming with the fish!



Lenticular zoom effect
Lenticular zoom effect sample
Zoom - based on a single photographic image it is the action of having an object moving closer or further away. Lenticular images appear to "leap out" at the viewer by combining multiple sizes of the same image and merging them quickly together, gradually increasing in size. Lenticular zooms are extremely effective for logo recognition and elements you want to put emphasis on. This airline's message is coming into a smooth landing with this lenticular marketing piece!


Lenticular motion effect
Lenticular motion effect sample
Motion Effect- Lenticular utilizing animated images are glorified flip images. The background image may remain constant, while the objects which appear to be moving, will be printed at different positions. Imagine the effectiveness of representing a video action sequence or product demonstration on your next marketing piece! Watch as this NASCAR gift card races to be noticed while you wait to be checked out!


Lenticular morph effect sample
Morph - the complete transformation of an image, melting into another. Create the perception that two or more images seamlessly transform into each other before the observer's eyes. This is a valuable lenticular effect for products that come in a variety of shapes, styles or colors, or for products that change or cause changes. Look how the lenticular morph effect demonstrates the convenience and uniqueness of this product!


Lenticular animation effect sample
Animation- either based on video material or simulated by interlacing the required number of images, the result is realistic fluid motion of an object.


To order lenticular business cards:

To order lenticular cards you must either provide separate high resolution image files (300 dpi) or a high resolution PSD or AI file with all layers available for editing. If you send up "flattened" images, make sure all images have been setup for the effect you are looking for.

If you have questions regarding lenticular cards , please submit yourinquiryand /or questions usingour contact form.     

Lenticular business cards  | Pricing

LENTICULAR CARDS  (withPaperbased reverse side)
Quantity Unit Price Shipping Total Cost
500 $1.15 Included $575.00
1,000 $0.81 Included $810.00
2,000 $0.59 Included $1,180.00
3,000 $0.48 Included $ 1,440 .00
5,000 $0.36 Included $1,800 .00
7,000 $0.30 Included $2,100.00
10,000 $0.27 Included $2,700.00
20,000 $0.24 Included $4,800.00
50,000 $0.19 Included $9,500.00

Lenticular card design service

. If you are looking for additional quantities or different specifications for your project, don't hesitate to Contact Us with details.

 Available features / specifications for lenticular cards at no extra cost.   

  FULL COLOR printing on both sides of the card.

  100 Lpi lenticular lens.

  Possibility of card individualization on the reverse side (plastic).

Note: Prices for lenticular cards with plastic reverse side include almost all the same options and features that are available on regular plastic cards.
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