How Big is a Business Card Supposed to Be?

By Jacci Howard Bear

Although business cards can be any size or shape and made of any material, most of them are paper rectangles of standard dimensions.

The typical business card size in the US is 3.5 inches by 2 inches. Most of the templates you find in desktop publishing or business card software and the free business card templates on the Web are designed for 3.5 x 2-inch business cards.

They can be horizontal (landscape) (3.5 inches wide or long and 2 inches tall) or vertical (portrait) (3.5 inches tall and 2 inches wide). Landscape is the most common orientation.

Folded business cards (also called double or brochure business cards) are usually about 3.5 inches by 4 inches folded to 3.5 by 2. They can be designed as top fold cards or side fold.

When designing business cards with a bleed, use a document size of 3.75 x 2.25 inches (.25 inch bleed allowance). For a folded business card with bleed, the document would be 3.75 x 4.25.

As a general guideline, use margins of at least 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch to avoid having text or images cut off unintentionally in the printing and cutting process.

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Countries that use ISO paper sizes may use A8 (74 × 52 mm) or ID-1 ( approx. 85.60 × 53.98 mm or 3.370 × 2.125 in) for standard business cards. But no matter what the standard is in your country you aren't obligated to use standard size business cards.

Non-Standard Business Card Sizes

"Business cards designs in these modern times are abundant and unique, one of the surefire ways to attract even more attention with your business card is to choose a nonstandard business card size. Unusual business card sizes and shapes and the attention they attract is almost always worth the extra few dollars that you will spend on odd-shaped cards." Tiny Prints Read more about business card size.
...refreshing to do something outside of a common template, but... QBN Read more about why you may or may not want to go with standard size business cards.
A mini business card is described as being about half the size of a standard business card. But how big (or small) is that? It can vary. Discover the actual size of a mini business card.

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