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*iPhone 3GS only**3G version as "Business Card Case"*Business Card Case (BCC) is a simple and comprehensive application, which allows you to organize and search through all your business cards. Simply take a picture of a business card using the phone camera and tag it with a name, company or custom note. The app isn’t based on text recognition technologies as they are error prone, often needing more time to correct spellings, and have language limitations. Since some manual input is involved, you may ask: What is the point of this application?Primary Function1. Capture and store all the information available in a business card via photos on your phone without manually inputting all of them. BCC also has two full-sized picture slots, which allows you to save the front and back images of business cards with two sides. The images can be viewed side by side with ease by scrolling.2. Contacts are searchable by

Name, Company, Notes or All of the fields simultaneously.Added Convenience1. Make calls and send SMSes with just one tap.2. Share business contacts by simply forwarding the Business Cards via built-in e-mail.3. Copy all or selected entries from the iPhone’s Address Book to BCC.Peace of mind1. All photos taken in BCC are backed up onto the iPhone’s native Photo Album automatically.2. Contact details can be saved into iPhone’s native Address Book at the same time to save you effort from inputting a contact twice.

Business Card Case (BCC) is a great and affordable tool to digitize and organize your business cards, and make them easily searchable by keywords. It is convenient as it is integrated with other commonly used communication apps. Finally, have peace of mind knowing that the images and contact details are backed up in iPhone’s native address books and photo albums.

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