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If you are a full-time Master’s or Doctoral student in good standing, you are now eligible to print business cards through McGill’s Printing Services.


Printing Services has developed a template for the graduate student card, which includes the following content:

  • Your name, followed on the same line by any degrees you have already earned (the latter is optional)
  • The phrase “Master’s candidate” or “Ph.D. candidate” (optional)
  • The identifying words: Graduate Student (written in exactly this form)
  • Unit/Faculty name
  • Unit/Faculty address
  • Phone number(s) of choice
  • McGill email address (no other email address will be accepted)
  • McGill web address (optional)

Please note:  No additional information can be included and no alternatives to the template can be authorized (except in the case of units, such as the Schulich School of Music and the Desautels Faculty of Management, that have developed a variation on the standard template).


Cards are available in sets of 100 for $35. If you wish to purchase bilingual cards (in which English appears on one side and French

on the other), the cost for a set of 100 is $45.

How to order your business cards

To order your McGill Graduate Student business cards, please visit the Printing Services website and download the Graduate Students Business Cards Request Form. McGIll Printing Services is located at 3465 Durocher, Room 13 (basement), Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm. 

Verification of your information

To ensure the integrity of McGill Graduate Student business cards, Printing Services requires that your graduate secretary or graduate program coordinator verify your information. It is your responsibility to ensure that confirmation of the following is emailed to printing [dot] services[at]mcgill [dot] ca (Printing Services):

  1. Your status as a graduate student
  2. Your program (Master’s or Ph.D, if you are including this on your card)
  3. Your existing degrees (if you are including these on the card)

Students who withdraw from a graduate program are asked to destroy any remaining business cards or return them to the Unit/Faculty at time of withdrawal.

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