Visa Platinum Credit Card

Personalised Customer Service

For any question pertaining to your Platinum Credit Card, you can avail our specialised services 24 hours a day. So whether you require information about your card balance, account status or any other detail, simply dial our UAN number at 111 722 723 for an instant response to your queries and concerns.

Platinum Travel Desk

Whether you are planning your family vacation and business trips or arranging to be picked up from the airport, the Platinum Travel Desk is at your service. You no longer have to go from one travel agent to another to find the best rates for tickets to your favourite travel destinations.

Flight Reservations

Sit back and enjoy making convenient flight reservations and having your tickets delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Simply call and allow us to find the best price and make your bookings.

Pre-Trip Services

Stay up to date with the prerequisite information and requirements prior to your business and / or personal trips. Our travel desk experts will update you with the latest weather news, tourist attractions and even local customs. You can also obtain information about vaccinations, travel VISAs, currency exchange rates, protocols and risk assessment recommendations for specific travel destinations.

Hotel Reservations

Your accommodation can also be arranged through the Platinum Travel Desk. All you have to do is tell our representative your travel dates, destination and hotel preferences, and they will make reservations as per your requirements.

VISA Assistance

The VISA issuance process can now be handled by our professionally trained Travel Desk representatives. Our Passport & VISA assistance program updates you on country-specific VISA requirements, plus all the applicable procedures and policies. By accessing predetermined public Internet web sites, our Travel Desk representatives provide invaluable information and contact with the nearest Embassy or Consulate.

Platinum Dining

We make reservations in the finest restaurants on your behalf, so you can enjoy a convenient, hassle-free dinner in style. Savour the moment with our Platinum Dining experience.

Flowers and Gift Assistance

Helping you send your loved ones special gifts from our exceptional assortment of flowers and miscellaneous gift items. You can now send floral bouquets and gift hampers to your family and friends and brighten their day! This service is however, applicable for cardholders based in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Car Rental and Limousine Service

We provide you with a chauffeur-driven limousine in order to help you travel in comfort and luxury. You can also acquire worldwide car rental rate information including vehicle availability, and our Platinum Concierge staff can aid you in making car reservations.


Our concierge services ensure that tickets and passes to major events, premier shows, concerts and plays are made available to you. If you forget to book your passes before hand, our representatives will work their magic to get you your desired tickets. Life was never this entertaining.

Global Visa Platinum Concierge Services

Whether you are vacationing abroad or flying on a business trip, be sure to utilize the comprehensive Global VISA Platinum Concierge privileges. Our Customer service personnel provide you 'Information & Reservation Services' on a wide range of issues as and when requested.

Global Customer Assistance Service (GCAS)

GCAS is a wide-ranging customer services program that you can access whenever you travel overseas, at any time of the day, the whole year round. This facility acts as an additional feature that allows you to use the various emergency services available under the GCAS program. You can now rest assured that you will be taken care of in all emergency scenarios through your Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card.

Zero Loss Liability

Isn't it comforting to know that if you lose your card, you will have nothing to worry about? You are covered for all fraudulent charges made on your credit card after it has been reported lost to Standard Chartered through Phone Banking. So make sure you report the loss immediately upon discovery. Please, also note that all transactions conducted on the lost Card before it is reported as lost will be the customer's liability.

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