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Are you a real estate agent looking for impactful branding solutions? If you or your realtor firm wants to make that strong first impression then check out the multiple options available in Coldwell Banker business cards.

The Need For Business Cards

Why do you really need a business card? Is it a better branding solution than real estate brochures and fliers? In order to understand the importance of real estate business cards, let us look at an example. When you meet a prospect and give them real estate brochures or fliers, they will look through it and then it will sit in a bookshelf or get lost among the hundreds of other brochures or fliers in the prospect's attic or garage. This basically means that the overall impact is short-term.

On the other hand, when you meet a prospect and introduce your firm throughColdwell Banker real estate business cardsthen there are two things bound to happen:

1) Your prospect will be impressed with the overall look and feel of the card. The classic and professional feel of the Coldwell Banker realty business card will open the doors for a meaningful business relationship.

2) You can rest assured that these real estate agent business cards are not going to land up in the attic, garage, or some dusty bookshelf. This is because of two reasons: theColdwell Banker realty business cardhas you photo and this will help create visibility and enhance brand retention. Secondly, the design of the business cards is such that your name stands out. The probability that your prospect will reach out for your Coldwell Banker real estate agent business card every time they think of real estate investment is much higher as compared to simple and standard business cards.

Coldwell Banker Vs Standard Business Cards

Yes! Coldwell Banker realtor business cards are not just different from standard business cards but also contain an element of creativity. There are several realtor business cards ideas and design templates to choose from. How different are the Coldwell Banker real estate business cards as compared to the standard business cards?

Coldwell Banker Business Cards

Standard Business Cards

These cards can be completely customized

Customizations are limited

Card background can be in single or multiple colors

Card background  is normally in white

You can experiment with different types of fonts

Standard fonts like Times New Roman or Verdana are used

Unlimited font colors and styles to choose from

Limited font colors

You can add your photo in silhouette or cut-out or frame borders

Standard business cards don’t have photo options.

Coldwell Banker realtor business cards are made using high quality stock of 16pt thickness

Standard business cards are made using stock with 12pt thickness

Coldwell Banker real estate business cards are available in matte or glossy finish

Standard business cards have no finish or matte finish only.

We have a large selection Coldwell Banker Business Card Templates to choose from. These are high quality glossy business cards for real estate agents. We have fast turn-around time - usually 24-72 hours and will arrive on your doorstep within 2-5 days depending on your delivery location. We also offer RUSH production and overnight shipping. You can customize your card online and then receive a free proof -  you only pay when you are satisfied with your final design.

At Realty Cards, you can choose from 29 different Coldwell Banker real estate business card templates free. You can check out the different templates, choose a template, fill your information, upload your business logo and photograph, choose a certification, and let us send you the design. All this is free!

Click hereto check our Coldwell Banker realty business card templates!

We print all Real Estate Business Cards on Premium Stock, with either a High-Gloss or Satin Finish. They are hand selected and packaged with care to be rushed to you. Stand above the competition with a new luxury, full-color glossy Coldwell Banker Business Cardsfrom Realty Card.


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