CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 :: How To Align Double Sided Business Cards For Printing

Jun 1, 2013

I have CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6. I have created what I want in the end to be a double sided business card. However, when printing I am unable to get what will be the back design to align with the front design. Does Coreldraw have a option of sort to make this happen automatically? Or is there a technique to make this happen?

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Apr 3, 2013

I am designing my Business Card in PS. Now my business card has a back and front...In illustrator I would create two Artboards. What would I do in Photoshop? Do I extend the canvas to double the size? Or do I create a seperate file for the backside? 

What is the correct way from a printing perspective?

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OS WinXP and Win Vista 64 bit.To print business cards, I selected Label AVERY 5371 - 2X 3.5 BusCr. Print preview looks good. There is no any visible alignment problems.

When printing is completed (Linen paper AVERY 5371), there is about 2 millimeters alignment problem for each card. I created my own template and the print is with the same results. The printer I use is Canon MP830 ink jet.

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I am making new business cards using CorelDraw.  When I save the business card to a PDF file and download it to Vistaprint, the text does not look sharp as it does in CorelDraw.  Is there a way to download without being blurry?

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I have a document i am designing that has a front and a back to it, its not a business card.How do i align/position the two sides so i get specific elements where i want them on the back side,  the problem is not with the front and i only need to position the back and specifically, i have checked out the print preview imposition tool and only seems to just print duplicate copies however many times need, unless i used it incorrectly,

I mean i could manually try to set them up and waste a lot of ink and paper positioning the two sides but i believe there is a faster/smarter method to accomplish this.

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In page setup i have setup my page to print 4 business cards on an A4 page. I have customize the labels myself. Then in print preview i have chosen to print the business cards in the center of the page. But the cards are on the bottom left corner and what ever i do it will not change.maybe i have to change the margins in page setup-customize label? But don't know the inches.

How can i put my 4 business cards in the center of the page to print?

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I have a design on one layer, and a boundary line around the design on another layer. visually on the screen they both line up . However, when I print the images, they do not line up - they are significantly out of line with each other. It is as if they have been printed to different paper settings., for example the registration marks are not line up.

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I am about to print business cards? Where is the best place to get QUALITY (not Vista Print) cards done?

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I have Photoshop 7 and I want to create some business cards in Photoshop and then print them.

How do I set it up so that it will print out on those business card sheets correctly?

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I'm workign on a school project that involves me printing out small double sided tickets. Can anyone offer any help to how I would set this up in PhotoShop so I could drop a sheet in, it would print the tickets on one side, and then i could flip the paper and it would print the back side? With it being lined up?

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My printer allows double sided printing. I opened two images in PDN and wanted to printed on one piece of paper (on both sides) and I cannot figure out how to this. Both images fit one page.

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I'm designing business cards and made my image to scale but when I try to print it says there are resolution problems. I'm not sure what to do. I set the print size to 3.5 inches wides by 2 inches tall but every time I upload it to the print company it say low resolution poor quality.

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I am using cs5.5 and i can't find any option in the print window to switch double sided printing on/off. The default printer settings on my Mac have already been set up for 1 sided printing.

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I am building a new desktop and am thinking about using dual graphics cards for my work in Corel X5.  Ive seen nothing in technical specs or min requirements that even alludes to the program being able to take advantage of an SLI configuration (evga gtx 465 superclocked with 1gb ddr5). 

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I am preparing some business cards and wish to include a couple of email address as text not as blue, underlined links.  They keep showing up as links and I can't seem to find a way of making them just text.  I'm rather new at this

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I am still using Coreldraw X3 I will be purchasing X5 next month. I need to know how to make a

greeting card in X3.

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Designed a business card and want to print to Avery type sheet cards and can't find the Avery selection in my printer  settings. Just learnig CD X3

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qrcode-vcard 970pxpink.png

Customer wants QR code, but when I bring it in I get a white square?

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Having problems with X6 and Align and Distribute?

When using both align and distribute at once, all the items selected bunch up and do not space evenly. When using just align center, it works fine. When using distribute evenly (vertically), it works fine. But when using both, that's when the problem occurs.

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I posted this topic about Corel x4 and got some answers.  Unfortunately it didnt work because my corel was corrupt.  But now I installed my old Corel 12 and tried to follow the instructions the same way as they told me to do it in Corel x4, but the options are different. 

So..... how do i make the settings so that when i double click on an image in corel 12, it will take me directly to Corel Photo for editing. 

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From my vecor drawing program i export a file as DXF/DWG.Then this file is run true a program to determinaded the plotting lenght on a lasercutter.But a simple drawing takes som 80 minutes to cut and engrave.Loading the file into X5 Home & Student is discover that the file contains 29059 lines.Selecting some lines i can see that there are underlying lines.How can i remove them without using VBA. And my drawing program has no option to save it to a file type.

Export it as a Atocad version 2000 or 14 doenst change the number of lines

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Have recently upgraded to corel 11, from 9, but at the same time upgraded my computer.When I try to plot a simple circle shape on my Roland CM24 the image cuts twice and is extremely slow (juddering).

I believe the double cut is caused by the hairline & fill but messing around have only gone from double cutting each shape individually to do double cutting the whole image.

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In my workflow I constantly position objects to the top left edge of page. Is there any shorter way or macro to make it faster? Right now i have two options:1. pressing  Ctrl+A (I reaassigned this shortcut to Align window)  and then selecting options with mouse and then close

2. press P and then manually lift the object to the top edge of page.

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I seem to have lost the functionallity of double-clicking on an image placed in CDR X5 to automatically edit in Photopaint.  The checkbox in tools/options/edit is checked and photopaint can certainly be opened in the Application Launcher but double-click does nothing.

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I would like to know if some users have the same problem : when I vectorize manually a bitmap with the polyline tool of CorelDraw X6, sometimes I have two nodes very close (I don't understand why because I do one click with my mouse...). I change my mouse without improvement.Do you know a macro to clean my polylines and to transform the "double" nodes in a single node (adjusting the gap distance) ? The reduce nodes feature in CorelDraw is not nice to do that.

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Windows XP 32bit, English.This does not occur when aligning objects, nor text with an object.This only occurs (as far as I can tell) when aligning two or more sets of text alone. When I enter the align and distribute window the vertical align checkboxes are greyed out with "Top" selected.It is not possible to uncheck or select any other vertical align option. It is possible to "force" the window to deselect it by selecting "top" in the distribute tab, but this does not make the align options selectable again.

You can workaround this by creating a temporary object to align with your text.

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Align & Distribute doesn't work for Text / Fonts

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I am working with a device that can import plt files & it converts that to a tool path in G-Code.  works like a champ.  but some data, most text (single line font), is converted two times.  This makes the tool do the work twice and its pretty inconvenient to manually delete the doubled up G-Code Lines.

I am pretty sure the duplication is done at the Corel export level and not in the translator of the machine.  I have been working with the export settings with no success.

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My corel x4 was coryupt and I had to install my older Corel 12.

Options on this corel are different.  So in Corel 12, how do i change the settings so that when I double click on an image, it will open it in Corel photo for editing?

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double clicking on bitmap not launching the shape tool and it works fine for other elements.

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If I double click a CDR file and CorelDraw X5 is not open, it will open and the file will be loaded.  But once Draw is open and minimized and I double click a second file from Explorer or on my desktop, the second file refuses to open in Draw.  I have to Restore Draw and either use the  file open command or double click the file again from Explorer once it's restored. 

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