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A great business card is very important in any kind of business. Details are the ones that make a difference and an original business card will surely make you stand out from the rest. Creative business cards are even more important when you’re a designer. This way you can show your awesome skills and original ideas. We’ve selected 20 awesome new business cards designs, made by some very inspired designers.

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Self Promo, I SUIT your team

Coll idea of Sjaak Boessen who created this to promote himself by including a business card and a teaser object to send to agencies.

14 • 02 – THE LOVE SHOP

Promotion for a shop where you can buy food, chocolate, soaps, sex toys and all you need to spend a great night with your love.

The Rabbit Hole / Coffeehouse and Restaurant

Complete design project for a restaurant, which contained field research, characterization of target market and audience, creating a distinctive concept, nomenclature, developing of a logo and a series of applications in addition to the standard business letterhead, business cards, envelope, and menu.

Personal Business Card

Personal business card created by a fun, creative designer!

CARLACOBAS Self Promotion Business Card

This is a great, minimalist business card with some very interesting, subtle details.


For Cocolia?s graphic image the designer looked for the freshness of the spontaneous and the plastic, expressed on a series of plates printed with serigraphy and spray paint over a thick 380Gr cardboard.

Personal Namecard

Embossed personal business card, with a cute design!

Self promotional material


promotional material sent to agencies by designer Jon Cleave from London.

Business Card: Design Is Deeper Than Hating Comic Sans

The idea behind this card was the importance of dialogue in design be it profound, deep or mundane.

Mini Business Cards

These are some great mini business cards with a simplistic way of design and drawing.

A + Self-Branding

A + Self-Branding

Abbas Mushtaq’s quick turn-around project to rebrand himself in 3 days and producing business cards, letterheards and all material and collateral a designer would use in day-to-day professional life.

Two Sisters Photography

Custom die-cut and letterpress printed business cards for Two Sisters Photography.

Brand Identity Lagqaffe

Selfpromotion, brand identity for lagqaffe (Elisabeth Wolf). Included for design and layout are the logo, business cards, note paper, flyers and the website. Every paper is printed on 100% recovered paper in a environmentally friendly print process.

3D Tetrahedron Product Design Business Cards

3D business card which followed the exact words of the client’s brief. The brief was literally “Make me something cool and not flat.”

Albert Ruso Photographer – Business Cards

Letterpress business cards we designed and printed for the photographer Albert Ruso.

NOone | Self-branding

Honesty is at the heart of this brand. In an industry saturated with big names and renowned agencies here is NOone.

Francesco Vetica Corporate Identity

Francesco Vetica, Interaction and Visual Designer business card – Personal logo and corporate identity design.

nth root

Self-promotion project based on my logo, using an A3 poster folding down to a business card.

2011 Personal Branding

Personal branding project for Dylan Ousley. Fun, fresh, creative!

Pixelo Corporate identity // Branding

Pixelo corporate identity branding project. Pixelo is a boutique graphic design agency based on the picturesque northern shore of Sydney.

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