How do you design business cards with Instaprint?


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To design business cards with Instaprint, visit the Instaprint website, navigate to the Business Cards option, and browse the available business card design templates. Your other option is to create a business card from scratch using the available templates.

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The available business card designs include classic business cards with matte, gloss or velvet lamination and luxury business cards with a red, black or white inset, as well as un-laminated or premium cards. Select a business card template under the Design Your Own option. The product field automatically populates with business cards as the entry. Choose a style or industry from the drop-down list, such as the arts, automotive, environment, event or health care options.

The website displays the list of business card templates available within the category selected. Browse the various designs, and choose a desired template. Next, click on the Start Designing option below the chosen template. Click the image or text on the template to personalize it. It is possible

to customize the background, text and image on the business card. After customizing the card, preview it and click the Save Design button. Create an Instraprint account, or else directly log into the account.

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