Northeastern University: a leader in global experiential learning in Boston, MA

Future Students

Northeastern started with an innovative idea: that education is about engaging with the world to solve problems and lead change. That distinctive approach, founded in cooperative education, has created an academic culture that infuses both undergraduate and graduate studies.

We empower our undergraduates to chart their own academic path, through more than 90 majors and concentrations and global experiential learning opportunities in 92 countries. Northeastern's 158 graduate programs prepare students for emerging new fields; students are able to take courses on campus, online, or in hybrid formats, creating the educational experience that best meets their needs.

The university is committed to the educational success of its students, offering need-based aid and a range of scholarships to reward the outstanding achievements of students from all walks of life.

Current Students

Northeastern offers the green spaces and tree-lined pathways of a traditional college campus combined with the energy and diversity of a university set in the heart of a vibrant city.

More than 300 student clubs and organizations and a stimulating mix of social, athletic, and cultural events build a strong sense of community and offer lessons in leadership, mutual respect, civility, and teamwork.

Students embrace Boston as an international hub of culture, education, and recreation. The city and its institutions inspire our community, broaden our academic programs, and invigorate our cultural and social perspectives. The Boston campus is enriched and enlarged by the diversity of a student body that hails from 50 states and 139 countries. More than 29 percent of our undergraduates are students of color, and 20 percent are international students.


Husky Nation is a truly global community, with more than 225,000 alumni in the United States and in nearly 150 countries around the world.

Alumni are actively involved in the life of the university, inspiring current students as employers, mentors, and colleagues. Drawing on their experience leading multinational corporations, researching and developing new technologies, and succeeding in numerous professional fields, alumni serve on advisory panels and as guest lecturers, and provide a network of support to mentor and hire our graduates as well as students on co-op.

Thousands of alumni maintain a connection to Northeastern by joining one of the university's 34 chapters around the world, stretching from Boston to Hong Kong and many places in between. Through the chapter program, graduates and other members of the Northeastern community participate in a variety of activities, including social events, athletic gatherings, and community service.


Northeastern believes an informed family plays an instrumental role in a student's educational success. The university understands the need for connection and communication with campus resources and offers several ways for parents and guardians to stay in touch.

The Office of Parent Programs and Services is the primary resource for parents seeking information on important dates, events, and campus news. As part of the university's effort to stay connected to parents and families,

we encourage you to read our student blogs, visit our Parent Corner Message Board, and subscribe to our electronic newsletter, Parent Matters.

Parents and guardians of students may also create an online Parent Portal account through which they may be granted access to services related to their student's experience at the university.


Northeastern faculty and staff collaborate to advance the university's commitment to excellence, distinctiveness, and innovation, and to nurture a learning environment based on civility, respect, and teamwork.

Northeastern's 1,157 full-time faculty members are leading educators and scholars who regularly garner national and international acclaim for their research and teaching, while serving the student community as mentors and advisers. Our staff members—from those in support positions to members of the senior leadership team—work together to provide the direction needed to ensure that Northeastern continues to advance its vision for higher education in the 21st century.

Northeastern's Human Resources Management office has designed a comprehensive program that attracts, rewards, and retains high-quality faculty and staff to advance the university's mission.

Prospective Faculty

Northeastern recruits top faculty and academic leaders from around the world. Their expertise in established and emerging fields of knowledge strategically aligns with Northeastern's innovative mission and focus on interdisciplinary, use-inspired research that solves global challenges.

In support of this vision, Northeastern has been expanding its full-time faculty. Over the past six years, the university has appointed more than 330 new tenured and tenure-track faculty members, including a growing number who hold joint appointments in multiple departments or colleges.

The university's commitment to elevating external support for its research enterprise has resulted in a 115 percent increase in annual research award funding since 2006. In 2012, Northeastern received nearly $105 million in external research awards. A robust support infrastructure assists the faculty with grant and patent applications.

As Baby Boomers retire at a staggering rate of 6,000 employees a day, employers are increasingly focusing on strategies that strengthen their succession plans and identify, acquire, and retain top talent. That’s where Northeastern comes in.

Northeastern offers a model that is a stronger and more successful way for employers to identify and engage with skilled talent and remain competitive as the jobs of today and tomorrow continue to grow in areas such as technology, engineering, and healthcare. The university’s century-old approach to education, rooted in its signature co-op program, combines classroom learning with real-world experience. Graduates head into the workforce having up to 18 month of career-related experience and a deeper understanding of their chosen profession and the world of work.

Studies show that full-time hires of co-op students have stronger retention rates at both the two- and five-year marks, which saves these companies money and improves productivity. By offering a co-op program or hiring our graduates, companies can tap into a talent pool with the experience and the combination of skill sets necessary to drive success in the global business world.

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