Louis Tully

Lawyer, Accountant, Reserve Ghostbuster

"Who does your taxes...?"

- Louis Tully; Ghostbusters

Louis Tully is an accountant who lived down the hall from Dana Barrett, in an apartment building on Central Park West. Five years later, he became the Ghostbusters' accountant.



In 1984, Louis Tully is a resident of the Shandor Building at 55 Central Park West and is on the 22nd floor. Louis occupies 2202. He has unreciprocated romantic feelings for Dana Barrett and clumsily bursts out of his apartment whenever she is in the hallway. He is mysteriously locked out of his apartment numerous times, unaware of the supernatural history of the building. 

One night, Louis was hosting a party in honor of his fourth anniversary as an accountant. At the time the Terror Dogs, Vinz Clortho (The Keymaster) and Zuul (The Gatekeeper) had escaped from their statues and began to search for host bodies. Vinz found its way into Louis' bedroom. After Louis unknowingly tossed the coats of Ted and Annette Fleming onto Vinz, it disrupted the party, smashing through the closet door terrifiying the guests and chased Louis until it cornered him in Central Park outside the Tavern on the Green. Louis fainted when Vinz roared at him after which the Terror Dog possessed him.

Louis, now inhabited by Vinz Clortho, ran around Central Park harassing random people in search of Zuul, The Gatekeeper. He bumped into a Coachman who gave him a hard time for talking to his horse. The possessed Louis growled at him as his eyes flared purplish-red. He ran off rambling incoherently about the coming of Gozer. He later was picked up by the Cops, who in turn dropped him off at the Firehouse. Egon Spengler took some P.K.E. readings and took custody of him. Egon scanned Louis' brainwaves and saw an image of the demonic Terror Dog's head on a screen hooked up to the device. Louis introduced himself as Vinz Clortho and explained his purpose to Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz. Following Mr. Peck's visit and the resulting explosion, Louis escaped, staggering around amidst the chaos in New York City in search of Zuul, who had possessed Dana Barrett, until finally finding The Gatekeeper in Dana's demolished apartment. They introduced each other as Keymaster and Gatekeeper and proceeded to meet at the center of Dana's ravaged apartment in a passionate embrace, kissing lustfully before heading up to the rooftop. Louis and Dana later consummated their demonic union atop a large stone table in front of the Temple of Gozer, later transforming back into their natural Terror Dog forms. After the Ghostbusters battled Gozer, Louis was released from his possession as the Keymaster and returned to normal. Egon, Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore helped Louis get out of the charred remains of Vinz.

Ghostbusters IIEdit

At some point between 1984 and 1989, Louis earned a law degree at night school and expanded his specialties as a tax attorney. On occasion, he would work on probate. In late 1989, at Peter's insistence, Louis reluctantly becomes the defense counsel for the Ghostbusters. Despite only being versed in Tax law, he won the case due to the appearance of the Scoleri Brothers. After the Ghostbusters went back in business, Louis was part of their staff as personal accountant and tax attorney, even going so far as to appear in one of the TV ads. At one point, Louis catches Slimer eating his lunch and both flee in opposite directions screaming.

During the week of New Years Eve, Louis finally struck up the courage to ask Janine out on a date. Janine was busy with babysitting Oscar but asked him to come along. While babysitting with Janine at Peter's apartment, the two became closer and made out on the couch. Oscar was kidnapped. After Dana left to go to the museum, Louis went to the Parkview Psychiatric Hospital to rescue the Ghostbusters. He returned to the Firehouse and with Janine's help, suited up in one of Egon's Uniforms and then left by foot with a Proton Pack on. Underestimating the weight of the equipment, Louis quickly became tired. He was saved by the timely arrival of a city bus that Slimer had commandeered, patching up their incident earlier. Shortly upon his arrival at the museum, Louis starts blasting the Slime Shell covering it as Vigo became weakened from revelers' singing. Upon the defeat of Vigo, the slime shield dissipated, and the crowd hailed Louis as a hero even though he had little to do with the situation. He proudly proclaimed he was "a Ghostbuster."

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Realistic VersionsEdit

Louis held onto Egon's coveralls as a memento of his experience during the Vigo incident, and hung up behind his desk in the lobby. He apparently switched the label from Spengler to Tully. In anticipation of the Ghostbusters offering franchising, Louis was tasked to scout locations around the USA, including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Cincinnati. During the start of the Thanksgiving 1991 holiday weekend, during the time when The Rookie was hired, Louis was not at work. He had not been feeling well and left work early, leaving a note on his desk informing the others. If the work piling up on his desk is any indication, Louis has been sick for several days, at least.

Secondary Canon HistoryEdit

Animated SeriesEdit

Louis appears in seasons 5 and 6 and is portrayed as a wimpy and frugal accountant. He did use the Proton Pack a few times during his time on the show.

The following is part of the animated canon universe for this character:

Animated Primary Canon

Animated Secondary Canon

To read more about the Animated counterpart character, please check out Louis Tully "Animated".

Legion Mini SeriesEdit

After Gozer's defeat, Louis became rich and famous. He made the covers of magazines like Digipocalypse, set off a geek chic fashion trend, became the spokesperson for Keymaster Cologne, and dated models. However, he still desired Dana and even secretly moved into the unit across from Dana in her new apartment. Louis still indulged in financial planning to a degree, and attempted to get the Ghostbusters into investing in a mutual fund. Six months later, Louis sponsored the Fireman's Ball and was its Guest of Honor. Once Michael Draverhaven was defeated, Louis propositioned Peter in his apartment elevator. He offered $1 million to stay away from Dana just so he could get a chance at her. Peter was shocked. Louis raised his offer to $2 million but Peter turned him down and went to see Dana.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Stylized VersionsEdit

While at the Natural History Museum, Winston instructed Rookie to take a mental head count for Louis. [1] After Ivo Shandor was defeated, Peter revealed Louis had been scouting locations for new franchises and offered Rookie a choice of Chicago, Los Angeles, or Cincinnati.

IDW ComicsEdit

Main CanonEdit

At some point, around 1992, Janine and Louis broke up. [2] Louis left New York soon after he and Janine broke up. He left behind his thriving practice and his position with the Ghostbusters and settled in Ocala, Marion County, Florida. Louis was content with making a clean break from the city after a crazy couple of years and even avoided calls from his cousin Sherman Tully. [3] Louis' law degree later influenced Winston to take up studying law, just in case the Ghostbusters went out of business again.

A few years later, Tiamat began to manipulate Louis' dreams with images of fire, dogs, and snakes. He didn't sleep well since the dreams started and was plagued with an overwhelming urge to return to Manhattan. Louis booked a flight to New York City, with a layover in Baltimore. He arrived at LaGuardia International Airport at 7 pm and met with Sherman in Terminal A at baggage claim. Sherman immediately asked him to look into an investment opportunity and inquired why he suddenly uprooted himself. Sherman noticed Louis didn't look well and started up his car. Louis was startled by the Blood Rain. A few days later, Louis was approached by Tiamat, disguised as a blonde woman, in a bar. Louis droned on about learning a musical instrument and Newstime magazine's article about blood born disease. Tiamat had enough and ripped her false face off. Louis passed out and Tiamat whisked him away to Dana's apartment, where he was possessed by Mot. Once the Ghostbusters all gathered at the apartment entrance, the possessed Louis and Dana greeted them and stated Tiamat would see them. Louis returned to normal after the Ghostbusters crossed the streams to defeat Tiamat.

A couple weeks later, Louis agreed to go to the Firehouse for testing to make sure he wasn't still possessed. During the examination, Louis questioned the necessity of the methods being used. He also repeatedly asked Kylie if she was old enough to know about itemizing. Kylie cited he had two heartbeats and his core temperature was off. After consulting with Egon, Kylie asked Dana and Louis to strip their clothes off. Louis refused but seemed open to it if Egon left. Once sprayed with positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime, the Terror Bird took over and manifested along with Dana. Egon and Kylie extracted Mot from Louis carefully. While Kylie watched the P.K.E. Meter to see when all traces of the possessing frequency were gone, Egon opened his Trap. After Kylie gave the word, Egon closed the trap and checked Louis' pulse. Louis was alive and free of the Terror Bird. Louis and Dana were re-examined and cleared them. Louis was taken into another room and Kylie took readings with a P.K.E. Thermometer.

Kylie took Louis and Dana downstairs to safety while the Ghostbusters tried to deal with the possessed Ray. Winston ordered Kylie to keep watch over Louis and Dana and make sure they didn't transform into anything else. After the Tiamat incident, Louis returned home to Ocala. He considered filing paperwork to expand a branch of the Ghostbusters to Florida but realized he was much happier dealing with just numbers. Louis did some research on settled on a certain brand of microwave. He purchased a refurbished model but soon learned it was possessed. Louis called the Ghostbusters for help dealing with the Possessed Microwave. Ray took the call and advised him to pull the plug. The microwave lost power and reverted to normal. Louis could no longer make nachos like he wanted but he noticed Ray already hung up on him.


In an alternate timeline, the Ghostbusters choose not to cross the streams. 31 days later, they agreed to help Gozer shed its Destructor Form and return home. As a compromise, Gozer agreed to half way restore Dana and Louis. Dana was upset but Louis was excited to be able to run so fast with the lower half of his Terror Dog body. They used Tempore Ruga to send it back in time to before Ray chose the form. The timeline corrected itself and Louis agreed to let Egon take a tissue sample of his brain. Roughly an hour later, back at the Firehouse, Louis still demonstrated some of Vinz Clortho's ravenous appetite and scarfed down some Chinese takeout.


Louis is the quintessential nerd. While a very good-natured guy, he sports a level of social awkwardness that eclipses even Egon's. He tries to be hip and cool, but never pulls it off (he would work out to exercise videos, but at double speed). He tends to be obsessive compulsive when it comes to matters of taxes. More often than not, conversation with him will eventually steer into tax or monetary matters. He's always willing to help out, sometimes with embarrassing results for him, and he'll always point out an opportunity to a friend where they can save money on something. He's also shown to be pretty good with children, a manner he admitted learning from owning a pet hamster.

Deep down, Louis really wants to break out of his humdrum little existence and be a hero. Even though his assault on the slime shell coating the museum was at best negligible, Louis still put his heart into helping out.

Despite his social handicaps, Louis is apparently a top-notch CPA and tax attorney. Peter even held his skills in high enough esteem that he kept Louis on as the team's personal finance specialist.


  • In the July 6, 1983 script, Louis Tully was a visiting conventioneer. [4]
  • John Candy was originally going to portray Louis Tully and thus, molded to match his persona. Louis first appeared in the June draft as a fellow refugee of the creature which was to become Peter Venkman's interdimensional love interest. With a diet cola commercial, one creature turns into a beautiful woman while the other turns into a heavy-set man. Joe Medjuck notes Louis would have been similar to Candy's Johnny LaRue character from SCTV. Rick Moranis took on the role and added to the character, even improvising lines during the party scene. [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]
  • The Louis Tully character written for John Candy had earthier interests. [11]
  • Rick Moranis suggested Louis' party right before principal photography started. Ivan Reitman decided to shoot the party as one long take to retain Moranis' comedic flow. [12]
  • In a deleted scene of the first movie, Louis seems to recollect the passionate kiss with Dana which she remembers vaguely, but refuses to entertain it and says, "No, Louis. No," as she walks away with Peter. The other Ghostbusters tell him there are other fish in the sea.
  • In the Ghostbusters role-playing game, Louis is apparently the head of the business end of "Ghostbusters International" the franchise where roleplayers can sign up for. He is known to send player characters memos regarding the state of the franchise. He also prefers to be called "Lou."
  • In the Ghostbusters II August 5, 1988 draft, Louis agrees to be represent Peter, Ray, and Egon at their trial to pay them back for saving him in the first movie. [13]
  • In the Ghostbusters II August 5, 1988 draft, one of Louis' tasks while working for the Ghostbusters is payroll. [14]
  • In the Ghostbusters II August 5, 1988 draft, Louis reveals his Social Security Number is 450-27-2149. [15]
  • In the Ghostbusters II

    August 5, 1988 draft, Louis owns computer Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune on a floppy disc. [16]

  • In the Ghostbusters II August 5, 1988 draft, Louis was the sole babysitter. [17]
  • In the Ghostbusters II August 5, 1988 draft, Louis poses as Lane Walker twice in two of the Ghostbusters' plans. [18] [19]
  • Louis owns or at least at one point in the past owned a pet hamster, even reading it bedtime stories as practice for taking care of children one day. He tends to re-write fairy tales to include financial and tax matters. This practice appears to have paid off as little Oscar Barrett seemed pretty at ease with Louis.
  • When once asked if he lived alone, he replied his mother was his roommate. Until she moved to Florida.
  • In a deleted scene and subsequent adaptations of Ghostbusters II, Louis went to his cousin Sherman Tully at Parkview to get the Ghostbusters released. [20]
  • Contrary to some reports, Rick Moranis is not retired from acting. He is, however, extremely selective about what projects he chooses to become involved with. He would prefer to spend time with his family rather than take jobs that will require a large time or travel commitment, or jobs that do not inspire significant passion in him for the work.
  • In the 10/8/2007 draft of Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Louis would have appeared in three cut-scenes.
    • At the start of the game, in the lab area, Ray calls Louis away from his desk to try on a device made from a spaghetti strainer connected to an elaborate series of wires and electrodes set to 50% to keep burning or tissue damage to a minimum. They change their minds and decide to use the Rookie instead. Louis, unfazed, goes back to his desk. After the Psi Energy Pulse passes through the Firehouse and the guys muse there will be a spike in paranormal activity, Louis agrees it will be good for business. Janine and Louis later watch the Ghostbusters leave for the Sedgewick Hotel in pursuit of Slimer. [21]
    • As the Ghostbusters prepare to return to the Sedgewick Hotel, Louis asks if warranty cards should be filled out. [22]
    • As the Ghostbusters are about to shut down their Containment Unit to fight ghost army with ghost army, Louis worries this will expose them to all kinds of liability. [23]
  • Rick Moranis came around towards the end of production of The Video Game and was okay with being involved with the game. It so happened that his head was modeled and ready to go but there wasn't any manpower left to rig him in animation because everyone was working on finishing the cinematics. [24]
    • There was an idea of putting Louis in a fully body cast
    • There was an idea of making the area where the Ghostbusters II No Ghost sign, miniature satellite dish, and Ecto 1-a doors are stored Louis' office and just have Louis stick his hand out and play some recorded lines.
    • This is all likely why Tully was written out of the story as sick in Realistic Versions of The Video Game and out scouting locations for franchises in the Stylized Versions.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #4, when Ron Alexander sarcastically asks if there's a talking dog, Ray refers to Louis, who was possessed by Vinz Clortho.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #6, Egon Spengler and Roger Baugh enter a memory from New Year's Eve 1989 when Janine and Louis fooled around in Peter's apartment.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #11, page 5, Louis' business card is pinned up behind Ray in Ray's Occult Books.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #12, page seven, on the bottom part of Egon's board, there is handwriting that reads 'Tully Florida'
  • On the Ghostbusters: Get Real Issue #2 Subscription Cover, Louis appears under 'Hapless Bystanders'
  • On page 37 of Ghostbusters Annual 2015, Louis is in his blue track suit from the first movie
  • On page 13 of Ghostbusters International #1, in panel 4, the note on the computer references Louis Tully.
  • In Ghostbusters International #2, on page 5, in panel 2, the frames on the wall have scenes from the movies such as Louis Tully as a Ghostbuster in Ghostbusters II.


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Secondary CanonEdit


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LouisandDana01 Louis catches Dana in hallway in Ghostbusters Louisgb101

Louis in workout gear


Louis catches Dana sneaking by the party


Who brought the dog?


Hosting his party

Vinz Red Eyes

Louis, possessed by Vinz Clortho, growls with glowing red eyes


Talking to Egon and Janine


Keymaster finds Gatekeeper


Louis' dream finally comes true... If only by proxy


Louis, possessed by Vinz Clortho, stares in awe at the gathering energy atop the Temple


Ray and Winston help Louis

Tully 01

Leaving the Shandor Building at end of Ghostbusters

GB2film1999chapter11sc030 Defending Ghostbusters in Ghostbusters II GB2film1999chapter10sc075

Winning a case


Working for the Ghostbusters


Working for the Ghostbusters


Working for the Ghostbusters


Working for the Ghostbusters


Babysitting with Janine


Babysitting with Janine


Louis dressed as a Ghostbuster


Louis encounters Slimer again


Louis fires on Slime Shell

LouisTullyTVG Louis's Desk in Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions)
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LouisTullyGBLegion01 As seen in Legion miniseries LouisTullyLegion02

As seen in Legion miniseries


As seen in Legion miniseries


As seen in Legion miniseries

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Badge from 1992


Janine breaks up with Louis

LouisTullyIDWOngoing01 As seen in Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #15 LouisTullyIDWOngoing02

As seen in Volume 2 Issue #15


As seen in Volume 2 Issue #15


As seen in Volume 2 Issue #15


As seen in Volume 2 Issue #15


As seen in Volume 2 Issue #15


As seen in Volume 2 Issue #15


Possessed by Terror Bird


Possessed by Terror Bird

LouisTullyIDWOngoing15 As seen in Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #16 LouisTullyIDWOngoing16

As seen in Volume 2 Issue #16


As seen in Volume 2 Issue #16

LouisTullyIDWOngoing18 As seen in Volume 2 Issue #17 LouisTullyIDWOngoing19

As seen in Volume 2 Issue #17

LouisTullyIDWOngoing20 As seen in Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #18 LouisTullyIDWOngoing21

As seen in Volume 2 Issue #18


As seen in Volume 2 Issue #18

As seen on Ghostbusters: Get Real Issue #2 Subscription Cover LouisTullyIDW23 As seen in Ghostbusters Annual 2015 JennyMoran18 Reference in Ghostbusters International #1 LouisTullyDeviations01 As seen in Ghostbusters: Deviations
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Who Brought the Dog? Storyboard, seen during SFX Team Featurette

WhoBroughtTheDogEffectsStoryboard01MGBp120 John Bruno and Brent Boates effects storyboard, seen in Making Ghostbusters p.120 WhoBroughtTheDogStoryboard99SFXTeamFeaturette02

Who Brought the Dog? Storyboard, seen during SFX Team Featurette

Gb1 deleted15-03

Deleted scene Louis Encounters Muggers, seen in Making Ghostbusters p.149

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