Create Business Cards that look Fantastic in Minutes - PowerPoint 2010

This is a simple process that will enable you create  business cards with different styles for the same card in just seconds.

Download the file for Business cards in PowerPoint

Multiple Business cards

Single template business card

Watch this video tutorial on how to create business cards in PowerPoint

Here is the process.

Stage 1

Set up the slide

Open PowerPoint, remove the place holders and select the Design tab then select Page Setup.

Under the heading Slides sized for: click Custom the set the Width to double your card size and the Height to double your cards size. This sets the aspect ratio of the slide. This is important because keeping the aspect ratio in tact while resizing with greatly improve image integrity.

For the Orientation select Landscape.

setup page

With the Design selected in the group themes hover over the various themes until you find a background that you are happy with.

Import your logo

Select Insert on the ribbon and Picture to locate you logo and import this into the slide.

Use Text Boxes and WordArt form the text group on the insert tab. Add title / position/ address block / services to the business card.

Create the graphic

When your business card is looking awesome then go to the File tab and choose Save and Send / Change File Type / Image File Types / PNG Portable Network Graphics / Save As –  then select the location to store the graphic of the business card.

Change the theme Style and repeat the previous step for a new business card image. Create as many variations as you like.

Stage 2

Create the template

Open PowerPoint, remove the

place holders and select the Design tab then select Page Setup. Set the page size to A4 and type in 29.7cm x 21 cm and the Orientation should be Portrait.

Select the Insert tab and choose Tables and add a table 2 columns by 4 rows. Make sure that on the ribbon on the far left hand side that you uptick Banded Rows and Header.

Click the border of the table so the whole table is selected. The Table Tools tab will appear choose the Layout tab and set you Height and Width. The whole table should now be set to your business card size.

Import the slide graphic

Click inside your first business card and Right click / in the Mini Formatting Toolbar choose Shape Fill and choose Picture and navigate to where your picture (PNG graphic) is located. Click OK to insert the picture into the business card.

Click on the next business card space and hit the F4 key as you do this for each cell your picture will be inserted.

There are many other ways to create business cards in Microsoft Office. Microsoft Word and Publisher are the most popular programs for creating business cards. Many templates are provided that can be downloaded from

Many companies supply clean edge snap out cards. This is not something I have been involved with as they are expensive to make and time consuming to remove from the page. Having said that, it may be the best option depending on your resources.

A must see tutorial: Create multiple business cards in Microsoft Word 2010

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