Great Business Card Design Ideas

In today’s world, you may not think business cards matter, but they really do. They are simple reminders of “business” that you carry around with you, most of the time unknowingly. I mean, you put the card in your wallet, forget about it, and in a few weeks, recover it while searching for that coupon that’ll get you a dollar off of your laundry detergent. So, how do you make an effective business card that matters and will not be forgotten? These designers can help you, take a look at some great business card design ideas!

Artistic Business Card Designs


No card is alike for Tide. Each card is individually dipped in watercolor to give the illusion of moving waves. The printed text is modern and simplistic.

Holli Thompson

These cards are stylish and modern. The artist water colored the veggies and plants, then copied them onto each card in a cropped position. It’s a great use of activated space.

Art Bar

The cards for Art Bar are different than most in shape- their cards are the size of poker chips. Along with this characteristic, each chip is also water colored to give it that extra “umf.”

Watercolor & Stamps

And, yes, more watercolor! These cards are for a DJ/ Producer, and the designer really wanted to capture that through their own creative nature. So, from a creator to a creator, basically. The designer used two different colors of watercolor and mashed them together to get each card a personal touch. Then, the designer created a stamp for the client, and stamped on the card information. This design is simple, yet effective. You can tell a lot of work went into it.

Modern/Business-Professional Business Card Designs


This card for Inkwell is really sporting the modernist trend. The design is simple, clear, and powerful. The card itself is super thick, and the print is silver foil.

Black On Black

Black on black on black. This card usually wouldn’t work, but because of the way it is crafted, it’s one-of-a-kind. The print is a clear foil, and when it is put on the black cardstock, it shines- creating the perfect monochromatic card.

Mark Calvin

This card for Mark Calvin is clean-cut and gets right to the point. It is very professional, and I can imagine the president having this as his business card… just with more patriotic colors.

Nick Reese

If you wanted overbearingly correct depiction of minimalism in design, I would point you to this card. Not only is it minimal, it’s organized and somewhat flashy. One side is dedicated solely to the name of the client which promotes the client more. Definitely with the solid navy background. For the card itself, it’s made of French Muscle-Tone Kraft paper. It adds for great contrast.

The Agency

The Agency has one of the most impactful designs yet. The card is made from recycled chipboard, and the print is gold foil. The design is simple and the contract is impeccable.

Bold Black and Yellow

Again with contrast, it’s perfect. The background is a striking yellow, and the thick black print is really the icing on the cake. The thickness of the line strokes adds a lot to the overall design. If you lighten or heavy it, it can ruin everything. Also, the card is triplexed- it’s bonded with three different layers of colored paper.

Clever & Unique Business Card Designs

Sliced Bread

These cards could’ve been the best thing since sliced bread these for these clients. The designer did an amazing job capturing the essence of the bakery, and made a business card that’s impossible to forget.

Christina Yan

This card has a textured design that draws you in. The colors are stylish, and the font is sort of vintage. However, the main attention-grabbing point is the dirt/mud splat in the upper corner. It creates such a texture that makes you want to look and see why it’s there. It plays with people’s OCD.

Mild Whistle

These cards have a great use of typography to really

sell their design. Also, the gold foil print goes well with the bluish-turquoise background.

Embossed Cards

I’m usually not a fan of smaller details. Definitely on something as small as a business card, but this works! The detail and the color combination makes this card what it is, no doubt.

Amanda O’Rourke

Every time I look at this card, I think organic. The colors and the floral pattern join together to make this in-your-face environmentalist design. Plus, the simplicity of the text is very helpful and so compact that it complements the design.

Marcin Usarek

You rarely see wooden cards. It’s a newer concept, and no one thinks to have their cards printed on wood. But, the design itself is sleek and minimalistic, and it works. The texture of the wood goes great with the lack of designed space. If the designer chose to go further into detail with their work, the wood would wash it out almost completely. So, it’s a good call design wise.

Laser Cut Designs

Laser Cut Interior

This card was inspired by stained glass windows and geometric shapes. Within the cut area, there is no real designs, but it is pieced together to make it look as if there were.

Metal Card

It’s not every day that you see a metal card. The designer went into detail and made intricate designs within the cut area. The inactivated space contains the informational text. By making the inactive space centered, it made the text information the main focal point.

Edible Business Card Designs

Bombay Bakery

This card is completely edible. A batch of cards are made weekly and distributed throughout local stores and restaurants. I’m not completely sure how you are going to remember the information on each card, but it makes for a delicious snack.

Beef Jerky

I’m as shocked as you are. This card is completely edible as well. The text information is laser etched onto the meat, and the meat itself can last up to around a year. It advertises for survival training, and part of the product’s purpose is to be there when you are in a survival situation. The card also comes in teriyaki, black pepper, and smokehouse flavors. (Kidding.)

Look, Listen, Smell, Eat.

As we try to step out of edible business cards, have a look at this card that has a delightful little treat inside. Each card folds into a box that carries a crème-filled cookie. The box has a pull-out tray labels with a red ribbon that holds the treat in when needed, and delivers it when needed. On the top of the box, it has the client’s blog name in a clearly legible script font.

Cards with Uses

Business Tape

The business card is actually tape. The text information is repeated over and over again throughout the whole roll.


This rabbit card is one of my favorites. The bright green text pops from the seemingly busy background. At the same time, though, the busy background adds everything to the design. It works extremely well together. There is a fun aspect to this card, too. You can deconstruct it, and build a rabbit.


This, again, plays with the organic vibe. The card itself is made from recycled paper, and is folded to make a seed packet. Each packet carries a different type of seed. The visual aspects of the card are vintage-like. The font, the detailed vegetable or plant, the layout, etc. All vintage-like.

Cargo Box

Lastly, the world’s cutest cargo box. At first glance, this card looks just like every other brown business card. There is a logo in the corner, the information is slammed to the side, and it probably smells like Barnes and Noble. But, this is so much more than your average brown business card. This little guy transforms into a cargo box. It amazes me because it’s such a complex design, but it’s all compacted into this inch by inch box. It’s really a clever design, and it even has miniature shipping symbols placed accordingly onto it.

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