Thread: business card print using Epson 9880 - is it economical?

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    Hi I am a novice when it comes to Inkjet printer. I am considering to use Epson 9880 for printing 500 or 1000 business cards on a 19" x12.5" sheets rather than using Xerox 250 or Canon 7000 digital machine. (to avoid click charge) 500 business card will need approximately 22 sheets. Do you think this idea is crazy ? I will appreciate if anybody gives an advice.


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    I can't see this being economical in a million billion trillion years unless you have an absolutely fantastic source for epson (compatible) ink (if you do, could you please share it!!!) The click charges should be pennies per square foot, vs. the epson ink which is quite expensive. Plus the inkjet coated paper is more expensive than laser printable paper, coated or uncoated.

    I'd expect for a medium coverage print to cost around 15 x more per square foot on the epson than our xerox here.

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    Thank you for the quick reply Jeff.

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    I am not sure how much prints cost for xerox machines, but I know I can get a roll of 36# coated paper 24" x 100' for about $25 and I use compatible inks for my machine (z2100) cost is $32/16oz bottle. The price is the same for the epson inks so I don't see how it would cost THAT much to print business cards on a inkjet machine.

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    Thank you for the useful information Brian. Your answere is very clear to me. I got a website 'MacroEnter' you indicated on other thread in this forum.

    Do you have any other the supplier(s) from which you buy stuffs for the inkjet printer?

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    I used to get ink from MIS but i switched because the prices were lower and its the same type of ink.

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    There's something weird going on with macro enter - see (Canon ipf8000 - compatible cartridges) I'm afraid they might be spammers so be careful ...

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