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Business is competitive… …and your business card is where it all begins. Often the first contact with your target audience, shoot to the top with quality business card design and print options offered at Electro Image, LLC. 4 key elements for a successful business card include: content & message-inspire action; create a memory font-the style and size depict the industry color-the beginning of your branding journey material & finish-thefeelof the card enriches the experience\ Create a Memorable Brand with these Standard Features: several heavy card stock options numerous plastic stock options multiple size & shape selections UV High-Gloss varnish matte/dull coating vibrant, full-color cards round corners our creative graphic designers ready to design your distinct brand copy writing—no time for content creation? We have solutions.

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business cards A small card printed with one’s name, professional occupation, company position, business address, and other contact information (Business Card) A payment card typically issued to and used by owners of small businesses. Business cards are cards bearing business information about a company or individual. They are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid. (business card) a card on which are printed the person’s name and business affiliation kinkos FedEx Office (FedEx Office Print & Ship Services, Inc.

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Card Holders - Buy Card Holders Online at Best Prices in India

You wouldn’t want to be seen fumbling with credit cards falling out of your wallet when you are at a business lunch with some important people, would you? While those around you may seem to be very polite and even help you at such times, these are little instances that can lead others to assume that you are someone who is clumsy and can be easily fooled. Professional looking card holders, on the other hand, can make you look very sophisticated, letting you easily slip out the credit card that you want with ease. Card holders come in different designs and are made of different materials like metal, leather and even plastic that you can choose from according to the one that suits your need.

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Getting A Business Credit Card Without A Personal Guarantee

You will almost always need a personal guarantee for a business credit card, unless you’ve already built credit for your business. Businesses start and fail every day in the U. S. and credit card issuers understandably don’t want to be stuck with the bill.  For sole proprietorships and partnerships there is not much you can do to avoid a personal guarantee. True, as the business owner your business credit card may not show up on a your own personal credit report, but the bank will likely look at your personal credit history as the applicant. Even when the business’s Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) is on the application, the card issuer will launch a credit check on the applicant.

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Food Industry & Restaurant Business Cards for Free

Restaurateurs are their own breed of entrepreneur. But, just like any other business owner, they need great custom business card for your restaurant or catering business. You need your business to stay on top of mind of all your patrons--this will keep them coming back for another meal or to book you for another event. Using our online business card design tool, you can design your business card exactly how you want it. Edit colors, add images, and change fonts until your card matches your business. Then, adjust the layout, size, and positioning of the elements on your card to make truly unique.

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Business Card Flash Drive

Product Tags: Capless, Large Print Area The business card flash drive is probably the most exciting addition to our standard line-up of custom flash drives over the years. The print area is enormous and offers a huge canvas to highlight the artwork of your flash drive. As well, the imprint area on business card flash drive is printed edge to edge. There is not a millimeter of space is wasted on this flash drive. You can display the outside of your drive to match the data contents on the inside of the drive. The drive itself is concealed in a small tab.

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Home - My Metal Business Card

We set out to do one thing, and do it better than anyone. Welcome to My Metal Business Card - the world's leading supplier of high quality metal business cards and custom metal products. We believe that our metal business cards can make a huge impact on your business and personal life. Discover why thousands trust My Metal Business Card for their branding and marketing needs - you'll wish you had them years ago! Metal business cards will allow you to instantly stand out. My Metal Business Card is your source for unique, custom metal business cards, all with a professional blend of creative design, ultra-fine etching and prices that won’t break the bank.

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Professional Business Card Format PSD format

Professional business cards are added here in different designs and formats using PSD format to help out selecting one. Stylish business cards and job cards are also searched here by business owners who are aware of the related benefits. Professional cards and receipts are helpful in making your business well organized and to show the highlights of your company. While in some business cards more information is showed while in others the name of the company is given more preference. Imagine you are a marketing manager at the business therefore you require a business card showing your designation in the specific company which give the proof that you are employed in a well reputed company on a specific designation.

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Free Business Card Template

Creating your own business card template from scratch using Word is a great way to experience the joy of extreme frustration. After much pain and anguish, we finally worked through the quirks and now you can avoid similar pain by just downloading one of the free business card templates below. In addition to the business card templates, you'll also find that we've explained how to use them below - how to add your logo, how to easily modify the colors, and how to quickly copy/paste your business card. Advertisement At your local office supply store, you'll probably find 2 main types of card stock for the business cards: 10 cards per page or 8 cards per page.

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Business Card Designing | Printing

We believe that the design of a business card is extremely important. When a business cards is presented to a potential client, they should immediately associate the company, that the business card represents, with quality and value. We design business cards to give potential clients a curiosity and an urge to use the call-to-action details as displayed, with a high expectancy of the service or product they need. Blue Sphynx can design your business cards as well as do the printing of your business cards. The minimum order amount is 500 business cards as we make use of a litho printing process.

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