Air Canada International Business Class Review. Boeing 777-200. Airbus A330-300

Walt Cudlip:Have to agree with you on the Int'l in-flight product. Have flown J-class on AC YVR-SYD many times and it's very ho-hum food and service compared to Singapore, Thai and Qantas. The lie-flat beds are nice for conquering jet lag on long trans-pacific sectors but the sheepskin topper and wool duvets on AirNZ make those same seats much more comfortable, AND the flight attendants make up the bed for you! C'mon AC, pick for Best Airline in North America, you can lift your game to match the world's BEST airlines.

Chi & Chris:Fantastic review. Exactly what we we're interested in. We're researching business class flights from SEA to AMS and Air Canada seems to be the only one with a flatbed at a reasonable price. We flew to Seoul on Air Canada last fall in premium economy and was quite impressed.


hadiandmohamad:We were once flying on air canada and they gave us buisness class for free. It was awesome.

Farhan Aziz:nice is gulf air

Michael Park:I remember taking AC from Toronto to Vancouver (5 hrs) and they charged me $8 for a sandwich. And in the same trip I went from Tokyo to Seoul (1.5 hr flight) on Asiana and they served me a full dinner LMAO. Too bad Canada is such a small market. Canadians really do deserve

a better airline than this piece of crap.

iKingMortman:Flying Canadian domestic you have WestJet or around Pearson Porter airlines. Other flight options.

Matthew Kroch:Hi, I'm heading from Boston to Japan in July on Air Canada's 787-800 Dreamliner with my sister and dad, sitting in the International Business Class cabin. I just wanted to ask: is there any wifi on Air Canada's planes, and if there isn't how do you stay busy on a 15 hour flight??

FREDDY:Great review! I flew on AC to Tokyo purposely to avoid flying on UA or AA from my hometown Chicago. AC had a much better product and far better service. I try to stay away from UA and AA for international as much as possible. My last flight on UA to Osaka in business- was handed a fork for a shoehorn from a very crabby FA. She said her husband uses it all the time. Absolute WTF moment. I try to fly on ANA, JAL or Cathay as much as possible. Too bad the use of 747's is almost gone!

Klaus Von Ott:nice video,but you should show the wine list

marnky887:My mom designed the classic pods

Esclusivia:My new #aircanada episode N.3 is on my channel! Business Class from Los Angeles! Feel free to comment and follow for the complete Air Canada web serie! ✈️

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