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Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2017/01/23 for Seat 2B

Flew JFK-IST. Very good layflat seat with extra storage in foot rest (extends the seat in flat position). Good tasty dinner selection and in-between "i shouldn't eat this" snack bar. Light from galley with curtain closed not bothersome in this seat but i understand comments for 1st row. Also, snack bar and meal preparation is middle aisle next to 1st row so that could be disturbing. Good in-flight entertainment selection and nice and attentive flight attendants. I admit i enjoyed the TK flight on the A340 more (better wider seats) but all in all a good option compared to other airlines flying europe to USA.

Submitted byHank S on 2017/01/17 for Seat 27D

I ended up with the entire middle row of four to myself and was glad I did for the nearly 10-hour flight JFK-IST. Comfortable seats, excellent IFE, and onboard service was superb. Best transatlantic flight I have ever taken.

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2016/12/18 for Seat 1J

Very comfortable seat. Fully extended to flat sleeping position. Crew set warm sheets and blanket for confirmable sleep. One bothersome thing is ceiling lights in the galley ahead. It was too bright and thin curtain does not work. Hope it will be resolved in the future.

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2016/09/29 for Seat 3A and 3B

IST-NBO. Not an uncomfortable flight but a big step down from their long-haul international business. Seats are not layflat as labelled. They had a guy running around in a chef's hat, but that seems to be for show and bluster - meals were prepackaged, peel the foil off type. A minute of prep up in the galley to fluff up the rice could have at least improved the presentation. There were many entertainment selections on the menu, but many were "not available". Flight attendants were non-existent after initial food service.

Submitted bySergey F on 2016/09/20 for Seat 2k

Good seat, good service

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2016/08/08 for Seat 4dD

Very generous legroom

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2016/07/02 for Seat 8A

The 2-4-2 layout is perfect for long haul flights (others, like AirTransat has 3-3-3 on the A330), the seat was wide enough, and the pitch is also impressive. There is no adjustable air-flow stuff on the overhead panel, and temperature was a little bit high, but still good enough. I flew to Tokyo from Istanbul, and I don't know what did Turkish do with the lights, but I absolutely had no jetlag. IFE is very good, 368 movies available, (many of them no-name turkish movies, but I could choose a lot of classic and new movies, like all the Starwars, all the Marvel, and all of the James Bond movies, and I could also watch the Euro 2016 games live!). Food was also good quality, but midflight snacks were bad quality. The seat recline is good, lavatories were very clean, staff cleaned them regularly during the flight.

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2016/05/17 for Seat 33J

Flight from IST to MUC - so rather short. I am 1.90m tall and the seat is definitely way to small and generally not comfortable. My knees were touching the seat in front of me and the tray table was resting on my legs. Certainly below-average economy cabin for a long-haul plane. Would have gone insane if I had on a real long haul flight.

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2016/05/03 for Seat 1D

On a recent Turkish airlines flight TK37. I was assigned seat 1D. This is not a recommended seat as the serving bar is directly facing the seat. The flight attendants use the area quite often and are facing aft while working.

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2016/04/25 for Seat 6D

Good seat with large space for your legs (1st rank in the economy class). Good confort and first for the service !

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2016/02/03 for Seat 39F

Good but a bouncy ride

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2016/02/03 for Seat 2D

On January 31, 2016, I travelled on Turkish Airlines in Business Class from Washington Dulles to Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have travelled in Business Class in the past in great comfort and with lots of respect and great service, especially on Emirates and Qatar Airlines on this route. However, this time my decision to try Turkish Airlines turned out to be a horrible experience. I have vowed that given the mistreatment I received on this trip from TK personnel, especially on the ground, I will never waste my money on them again. The bad experience with TK started during checkin at Dulles Airport. I had two excess luggage with me. When I checked online at the TK website, the charge for each extra piece was mentioned at US$155 per piece from Zone 1 (Washington). However, when I was asked to pay, I was charged US$65 extra for each piece, i.e., US$210 for each piece, resulting in an extra $130 from my exchequer. As the charges seemed “unreasonable” and “abnormal,” since Emirates and Qatar are much lower on the same route, I asked the agent regarding the discrepancy. Instead of giving me a plausible reply, the man harshly advised me “to not teach him how to do his job.” The reply shook me, instantly. So I told him that I had noted that from the Turkish Airline America website. He told me to show on paper. I told him that I did not have a print out and that he could check the site himself for me, to verify. He refused to do so and got very angry. At that point I told him that he was being mean and rude to me. He answered by saying, “Watch your mouth!” to me. I was so taken aback that I just asked him to charge my credit card and get it over with. After I paid him, I asked him for his name. He said his name is Yasser. I asked was that first or last? He said, “Doesn’t matter.” Then he added that he has no last name. At that point, I requested him for his identification number. He reacted very arrogantly by telling me why he should give me his Id. Anyway, I continued by ending my interaction with him, while quite a few people both inside and outside the counters were watching silently. When I reached the gate, I approached an older gentleman, another agent at the boarding gate and asked him if I could have a word with the Station Manager. He assured me of such a meeting, even after waiting and then giving him my seat number, 2D. However, I unfortunately never heard from the Manager. I am guessing that good customer service, which usually flows down the chain of command is missing here. That is why the agents are rude too! Second, on board was another harrowing experience. The crew was good but the food was awful. In addition, I could not sleep given the temperature in the Business cabin was too warm and the bed, if you can call it so, was hurting my back. I wanted to turn on the overhead fans available on most aircrafts but there was none I could find! I wonder if the air conditioning system is defective or it is intentionally kept off to save on fuel? The story was basically the same on the Istanbul-Dhaka flight. Good crew, bad food, hot cabin. On top of that, the leg space in business class was inadequate, reminded me of economy plus seats on US Airlines. I am not tall, at all. I could not get the seat to flatten and half way through flattening not only did my legs touch the front panel, the seat was behaving like it was defective. Finally, when I got to Dhaka and collected my luggage, I noticed that the two carton luggages I had were badly handled, beaten up, even though I placed “Fragile” stickers on all sides of both boxes. Overall, my experience with the Turkish Airline was a

harrowing one. Now I have all the great reasons for not wasting my money on an airline that doesn't know or care about treating their customers with respect, even if you pay more to travel In Business Class. It was just a disgusting experience. This is my attempt to try to approach the proper authorities of TK to read, pay notice to my complaints and take tough actions to improve, I mean tremendously improve the quality of their service to attract and keep loyal customers. I will be more than happy to share my harrowing experience through word of mouth and via the internet media so that others don't have to “suffer” the way I have. It is a shame when a person is mistreated. Employees devoid of manners are, of course, detrimental to keeping a good image, especially in today's competitive business environment. Thank you.

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2016/01/19 for Seat 2A

Comfortable full bed seat, all adjustment controls working. Flight staff pleasant and attentive, food was quite good (chef on Board for Business Class). I will definitely keep flying business class with Turkish.

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2015/11/23 for Seat 3D

The worst business class seats I have taken on mid range flight of 7 hours or so.

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2015/11/12 for Seat 24J

I flew 10 hours from Washington DC to Istanbul on 11/11/15 and found this an excellent exit row seat; and I am a big 6 foot 7 inch guy!

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2015/10/04

A truly horrendous experience. I have flown enough to know this seat layout is not up to scratch. The seats are thin and hard - I am still in pain. If it weren't for my spouse I would not have been able to sit sideways and ease the discomfort. Every move the people behind us made we could both feel. The trays don't hold the food trays horizontal so you have to deal with things sliding into your lap. I wish I flew with someone else.

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2015/09/29 for Seat 3E

If you are taller than 183cm (6ft) you will find the seat isn't long enough to lie straight and the seat isn't that wide to sleep on your side. AIr China uses similar seats on its A332 but with greater seat spacing. Cabin also tends to be very warm

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2015/08/18 for Seat 23D

If I had known about this website before I would never have chosen this seat. The toilet is literally just next to you and the people waiting to use the facility are leaning on your seat. However right behind me there were no toilets, just some cabinets that the crew used.

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2015/07/24 for Seat 41F

Seat 41 F is an ice box. The AC vents point directly towards your shoulders (im 5'10" tall). All my fellow row 41 flyers had blankets over our heads. We considered making a tent to protect ourselfes from constant cold airflow directed towards us.

Submitted byKarl R on 2015/05/28

Flew 5/8/15 & 5/24/15 with my wife. Seats were very comfortable; lie flat seats that extend to an ottoman that is connected to the seat in front of you. Plenty of legroom The food was perhaps the best that I have ever had on a airplane. The food choices were better from the IST-IAD leg. The check-in was very easy in Dulles and perhaps even easier in Istanbul since they had more agents available to check-in. The CIP lounge in Istanbul is the best airport lounge I have ever been to. If you have access to it, don't pay for food prior to arrival! The food is good and plentiful. If traveling as a couple choose A/B/J/K if traveling alone for the D/E in the center. The only thing that would say is mark against them is the temperature. Both legs the aircraft was a warm for me. The IAD-IST more so than the other way. I very much enjoyed the entertainment system. Many different movies to choose from. Having a chief on-board is a mice touch as well.

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2015/01/13

Travelled econ Sing-Istan and had the most cramped seat ive ever experienced. Never Again! Not worth any money for 12 hours of torture.

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2015/01/05 for Seat 17J

I flew economy class (17J) from Narita to Istanbul (12 h 50 min). Seat comfort: The expected small impossible-to-sleep economy seat you’ll find in any other long-haul flight. Although more space than Lufthansa. They provided a little bag including ear-plugs, a set of toothpaste and toothbrush, an eye mask and a pair of socks. Food: Almost all menus and desserts included cheese, so if you suffer from lactose intolerance or if you just don’t like it, ask for a vegan menu instead. Drinks: The usual drinks you’ll find in a plane. On the menu they offered “home-made lemonade”, but when I asked for it they didn’t have it on that flight (?). USB: Yes, finally!! Even in your economy seat a flawless USB port will be waiting for you. It’s located in the lower part, in between the 2 seats, USB – AC power –USB. I brought my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 filled with videos, documentaries and films. I watched almost 4 hours of video and I just spent 20 % of the battery. The worst: The individual touch-screen couldn’t be turned off totally; it kept turning on automatically every 5 minutes. The light was very annoying to sleep.

Submitted byCuneyd Y on 2015/01/03 for Seat good business c

If you fly business class selected D or E seats. So you have direct access to aisle and nobody will climb over you or you don't need to climb over somebody to reach the aisle.

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2014/06/30 for Seat 05B

Avoid 05B if you are a light sleeper. There is a storage cabinet just next to this seat and the flight crew were constantly accessing this storage cabinet throughout the flight.

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2014/05/21 for Seat 10J

I flew economy on Flight 8 from IAD to Istanbul. The seat configuration was the worst I have encountered in many miles of travel. There was barely 8 inches between the seat front and the seat immediately in front. Of course, the fellow in front wants to recline fully which reduces things more. I have to think that somehow a domestic configured airbus was cycled into the international flight schedule--this airline cannot seriously expect passengers to go through the torture of such a cramped 10 hour flight. Absolutely the worst.

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2014/04/12 for Seat 37F

This seat offers a lot of leg room, given that it is one row behind where the number of seats change from four to three. You are able to stretch out your legs in the aisle and given that the aisle is at its widest here, other passengers and the stewards with their trolleys don't bump into your shoulder.

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2014/04/12 for Seat 3J

Very comfortable, lie-flat seats to get a good night's rest on a long-haul flight. The service is personal (your name is on the menu). The food is excellent and served and explained by business class' on-board chef. The toiletries are of excellent quality and I am still wearing the slippers at home. The check-in and business class lounge were good. The lounge in Istanbul is big, but gets very busy. Overall this was a good experience and I could recommend both this seat and traveling business class on Turkish Airlines.

Submitted bySeatGuru User on 2013/11/22 for Seat 32A

The Seats were of adequate width the pitch was comfortable for a economy class seat. AVOD was watchable even when seat in front was fully reclined. Foot rest a little bothersome as I am tall. Pleasant overall.

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