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Top Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs in 2011

Business ideas are a dime a dozen. Sometimes, though, emerging trends in business or consumer behavior point, unequivocally toward opportunity. BusinessNewsDaily has noticed a few trends lately, that offer big potential for startup success. As the iPad continues to win over consumers, other brands such as Motorola and Samsung are jumping into the game in an attempt to cash in on the tablet craze. Corning, which manufactures the durable and scratch-resistant glass found on the devices, estimates that tablet computer sales could skyrocket from roughly 20 million units last year to almost 180 million by 2014.

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Legitimate Home-Based Business Ideas

Kick start the brain cells with these :   A cleaning service business can be started with minimal capital. You can specialize in office or home cleaning or work with real estate agencies in cleaning ready for sale and foreclosed properties. Alternatively you could look at window cleaning, gutter cleaning or carpet cleaning. Do you love baking? Are you creative? Maybe cake decoration, a cake-making business or specializing in wedding cakes may be an option. In a catering business you can provide healthy precooked meals that can be frozen for busy families, specialize in catering for a niche market (for example, vegan food or picnic lunches for bus tours),or cater for events.

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Door Prize Ideas for Business

Door prizes are a great way to expand your business base, as customers you wouldn't normally be able to reach will line up to win goodies. Expos, picnics, conventions and other organizational meetings often advertise door prizes. Giving participants something to win increases attendance and joviality during the event being coordinated. For your prize to hold sway, though, it must be something that relates to your company and something that average people would want or need. If your business can't afford thousands of dollars for door prizes, don't worry.

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40 Lucrative Manufacturing Business Ideas 2017

One of the essential elements that drive the entire economy of any progressed and developing nation is the manufacturing industry. All the developed countries that are mostly considered industrialized, advanced and economically strong are the countries with solid foundations in the manufacturing sector. Without any doubt the manufacturing industry is an industry that is wide and all – encompassing – just because the manufacturing process is all about production of goods, equipment and, chemicals etc. As a matter of fact, almost all top of the industries rely on the manufacturing industry for their proper functionality.

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What are some unique business ideas in India? - Quora

This is the story of a startup which saw a problem in the F&B industry and is trying to solve it. LimeTray helps restaurants and cafes streamline their operations by the way of providing products and services like POS, IVR, CRM systems and analytics  dashboards and helps restaurants to reach out to their target customers by SEO, SEM activations, social media management, creating their online presence by way of building websites and mobile apps. With the success the restaurants have had with their services the word of mouth spread and without any aggressive marketing they managed to land an enviable clientele like Burger King India, Yo China! , Bercos, Krispy Crème, Subway, Theobroma and many more.

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Green Business Ideas: Healthy Fast Food

Green Business Ideas Published on March 27th, 2014 |by Derek Markham In a culture battling record rates of obesity and health problems related to diet and nutrition, providing healthier food options can not only form the basis of a viable green business idea, but can also serve a growing market of people that still want to eat out, but want to make healthy fast food choices to support their lifestyle. When we think of the term ‘fast food’, we probably don’t associate the word healthy with it, but it is certainly possible to create healthy fast foods that are quick to prepare and affordable to buy, especially in a time like now, when the popularity of food trucks is rising.

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10 Top Crowdfunding Websites

In her bookCash From the Crowd , Sally Outlaw, founder and CEO of crowdfunding website peerbackers, reveals the secrets of funding your business with help from colleagues, peers, family, friends and even perfect strangers through a crowdfunding campaign. In this edited excerpt, the author offers details on some crowdfunding platforms that offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to generate funds for their new venture. New crowdfunding platforms launch literally every day, so I'm only citing a few select ones that, in my experience, have the best track records, have been around long enough to build traction and a good reputation, and can be used to fund businesses.

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Name Ideas for a Cleaning Business

  Name Ideas for a Cleaning Business Browse ThriftyFunBetter LivingBudget FinanceBusiness and LegalChristmasC omputersCons umer AdviceCraftsEduca tionEntertainmen tFood and RecipesGa rage SalesGardenin gHealthBeautyHoliday s and PartiesHome and GardenHome ImprovementMake Your OwnOrganizingP arentingPetsPho tosRecipesThriftyFu n FAQTravel and RecreationWe ddingsOne of the first things many small business owners must decide uponis a name. This is a guide about name ideas for a cleaning business.  Ad0 SolutionsShare 96 QuestionsAsk 0 PhotosShare RelatedQuestionsA sk a QuestionHere are questions related to Name Ideas for a Cleaning Business.

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Cool Business Ideas

Most people want to have a business but they don’t know where to start. Some are scared to take the first step while some are overwhelmed by the different choices they have to make in the beginning. Still, the best way for you to learn about the success and challenges of entrepreneurship is to start your own business today. Mastering businesses requires brainstorming and decision-making skills. First on the list is what type of business to go into. Fortunately, we can offer you cool business ideas in all industries around the world. These are creative things you never thought you could do, but all you need is a little faith and a lot of learning for opportunities to come knocking at your door.

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Anniversary Ideas

Anniversaries are a celebration of yesterday�s memories, the present day�s happiness, and the promises to keep for a subliminal and divine future. Anniversary is the day to realise that what was, still is. A day when you take the vows of creating heaven on earth again. There is no doubt that the best gift you can give your partner is not something material bought from a store, but memories of good times spent together. But what better way to celebrate your anniversary than to gift your partner with something that symbolises the eternal love that you share.

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