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A business license is the means whereby Salt Lake City Corporation grants you permission to engage in the business your license is issued for. The definition of business includes all activities, trades, professions or callings engaged in within the corporate limits of Salt Lake City and carried on for the business of gain or economic benefit.

If you engage in any business - either permanently or temporarily - within the corporate limits of Salt Lake City, you are required to maintain a valid, unexpired business license.

Section 5.02.005 states: Engaging in business means and includes, but is not limited to, the sale of tangible personal property at retail or wholesale, the manufacturing of goods or property, and the rendering of personal services for others for a consideration by persons engaged in any profession, trade, craft, business, occupation

or other calling.

All commercial business licenses must be reviewed for zoning and building compliance, and fire safety code.

If your business is regulated by the State or if your business involves food preparation, you must also be in compliance with the appropriate State agency and the Salt Lake Valley Health department.

Why does the City license businesses?

Businesses are licensed to insure

  • The location is properly zoned for the activity to be conducted
  • The building the business will be operating in meets fire safety code standards
  • All state and local codes are adhered to, insuring the safety and well-being of our citizens
  • Businesses are properly regulated

The revenue from license fee collections goes into the City's general fund to pay for the cost of licensing and regulation and to insure continuation and improvement of City facilities and services.

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