Current Trends in Business Communication

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Business communication is essential for the proper function of current businesses out there. In my work place, which is a national bank, many of business communications are used daily. From the time we arrive at the bank, all tellers, bankers and management staff is required to log into their computers and communicate accordingly. The management staff has to communicate to higher management teams while the tellers and bankers report to the stores management after revising daily sale goals and any read alerts or daily requirements such as tests or random duties. This is where technology comes into play. It is very important for us to use new technology to keep track of all of the customer’s information. It is also very useful for helping our customers with their questions and concerns about their accounts or other

relationships with the bank such as locating the proper safety deposit box or simply providing the correct information on how to obtain a mortgage loan. By using this technology we are focusing on the customer needs and providing exceptional service for our customers. The importance of the service we provide is overlooked by upper management and is enforced by having random customer surveys. The way the banking business operates is definitely as a team. The influence of having diversity in the team also helps the business by providing clients with people that speak their native language or maybe just someone that they can really relate to therefore building a mere personal relationship with the company. Since the bank is a national association it really doesn’t outsource. At the time of hire, all employees go through a training process that helps them learn and understand the ethics guidelines. This avoids any...

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