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Zero Investment Business-Forever Living Products-All over India

We are distributors of a worldwide company dealing in HEALTH, BEAUTY and NUTRITION products called FLP


Well we are the largest growers, manufacturers and distributors of 100% NATURAL ALOE VERA AND BEE HIVE AND VARIETY OF OTHER PRODUCTS.

We all know that aloe vera is a very familiar plant all across the globe. People know it as Kumari, Korphad, Ghee Kanwar etc. the names vary from region to region. And though this plant looks like a cactus but it belongs to the Lily garlic family.

There are over 300 known varieties of Aloe vera but only 4-5 contains medicinal properties. How then can you distinguish? Let us remind you friends that all that glitters is not gold-so is the case with aloe vera also.

We have categorized our products into 3 sections-HEALTH, BEAUTY and NUTRITION.

There are HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS to be taken as supplements to your regular diet, so that the benefits of absorption and the natural digestion processes of your body is completely facilitated.

There are BEAUTY PRODUCTS that are made from the best and the purest ingredients, so that your skin can benefit from the nature’s best ingredients and keep you away from nasty chemicals.

There are NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS to be taken to enhance your food intake and provide you with the most potent nutrients that maximize the good food value you add to your diet!

We are very proud that our company is the FIRST to be certified by the INTERNATIONAL ALOE SCIENCE COUNCIL for the aloe content and the purity in all our products.

Secondly all our products are KOSHER RATED as they have NO MAN-MADE OR SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS. The Jews ensure that all the products are Kosher rated, for they don’t use anything that has man-made or synthetic chemicals in them.

Third, our products have the ISLAMIC SEAL OF APPROVAL. This seal ensures that our products DON’T CONTAIN ANY ALCOHOL AND ANY ANIMAL FATS.

Fourth, our products are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.

Fifth, Our Company is a member of IDSA-INDIAN DIRECT SELLING ASSOSIATION, which makes our company completely legal for its existence in our country.

Now, coming to our company-FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS is over 29 years old and we have helped over 7.5 million distributors in over 105 countries around the world. Besides offering a wide range of high quality products, FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS, also offers a unique business opportunity for enterprising individuals to develop their own business and achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM through its unique MARKETING PLAN.

Now the MARKETING PLAN is like this:


If you are interested in our products and want to be a member of our Company, then you must fill out an application form that we will send you to the address that you furnish to us. Then you become our DISTRIBUTOR.   There is NO COST TO JOIN. There is NO INVESTMENT AT ALL You get 43% Retail Profit if you sell our products after joining our company. You must sell 2cc products so that you can jump to the HIGHER LEVEL. YOU must be wondering what is cc? CC stands for CASE CREDIT. Every product in our company has points, these are called CC.For example-Aloe Vera Gel in our company has 0.09cc, Forever Bright Tooth gel has 0.029cc etc.   Adding up all the products you sold (considering their CC) you must complete 2CC in order to jump to HIGHER LEVEL.   Also our company gives you 2 consecutive months to complete 2CC sales.   For example-you sell 1CC in January and 1CC in February then you can jump to the HIGHER LEVEL. Just in case you sell 1CC in January and 0.5CC products in February then, you are given another chance in March (considering the CC of February).   Lets say that you couldn’t sell 2CC in February and March also, then FLP gives you your time to sell 2CC products to reach YOUR HIGHER LEVEL, considering two consecutive months only. You might even sell 2CC products in 1month itself and get promoted.   There is no hard and fast rule that you sell 2CC in a stipulated time. You might take your own time to get to a HIGHER LEVEL. (2)ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR: Once you make 2cc in 2 consecutive months, you are promoted to this level. You get 43% Retail profits, now at this stage you should start making members under you that is you can sponsor and build your own downline. You get 5% bonus on retail sales. You and your members that are under you, together should have sales of 25CC in 2 consecutive months, so then our Company promotes you to the next level.

Here also you and your members together can sell 25CC in your own time. Remember Our Company doesn’t make you TIME BOUND. You decide the TIME you need to reach to YOUR GOALS.

(3)SUPERVISOR: After selling 25CC products at ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR LEVEL you are promoted at this position. You get 43% retail profit plus 8% bonus on personal retail sales plus 3% bonus on Assistant Supervisor group retail sales,(when you become a SUPERVISOR, then members under you who have sold 2cc in 2 consecutive months will become ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR under you and you get 3% bonus on each of these ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR’S GROUP RETAIL SALES because these ASSISTANT SUPERVISORS have made members and all of these ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR along with their members are under you). Continue sponsoring and building your downline so that you have more members and as a result MORE EARNINGS. DON’T FORGET AT EVERY STAGE YOU MUST ATTEND PRESENTATIONS TO UNDERSTAND THE BENEFITS OF EVERY PRODUCT AND TO UNDERSTAND OUR MARKETING PLAN. At this stage you along with your new members, assistant supervisors and their members, must sell 75CC products in 2 consecutive months to get promoted.

As we mentioned earlier, you and your downline can sell 75CC products in any  2consecutive months as per your convenience.

(4)ASSISTANT MANAGER: After you and your downline, which included assistant supervisors, and their members; sold 75CC products then you are promoted at the position of the ASSISTANT MANAGER who has several downlines of supervisors, with their members and the assistant supervisors and their members. you get 43% retail profit. plus 13% bonus on Personal retail sales. plus 5% bonus on Supervisor Group retail sales. plus 8% bonus on Assistant Supervisor Group retail sales. Please note that after the completion of 2CC sale of products at the distributor level you are entitled to make any number of members under you, so it is clear that you need not have just one downline with one supervisor and one assistant supervisor, like the other MLMs. You might have many downlines with several supervisors and members under you.

So in that way you get more earnings from every downline that you have under you.

(5)MANAGER: This is the highest position you can achieve after you and your downline together accomplish the sales of 120 CC in any two consecutive months. At this position you get

43% retail profit. plus 18% bonus on personal retail sales. plus 5% bonus on Assistant manager’s group retail sales. plus 10% bonus on supervisor’s group retail sales.

plus 13% bonus on Assistant supervisor’s group retail sales.

so this was the marketing plan that FLP has to offer you, now that you have read , you can either try our outstanding products because they DON’T MEET BUT BEAT THE COMPETITION! or you can apply to do the business and change the lives of thousands  who start earning in our unique marketing plan. Or you can do both, buy products for yourselves as well as do the business.

If you are interested in the business then ask us for the DISTRIBUTOR APPLICATION FORM. Please furnish your proper postal address and we will send it to you.This is available all over India and the world.

Just in case you are not interested in the business then you can ask for the product catalogue, to choose products of your choice.


REMEMBER You can make as many members under you as you want. You can do the business in your own pace in your own time, depending how soon you want to accomplish your goals. You have to sell 2CC products to be promoted to higher levels and to assign members under yourself. You can have as many downlines (members below you) as you like. You are not forced to do the business. There is absolutely no investment. There are no renewal fees No prior qualifications required doing the business. you might be a CEO or even a plumber to a normal housewife! Earning potential of Rs.40,000 to Rs.1,00,000 and above per month. Yes it’s per month.


Email your Full Name and postal address to

and SMS or Call us on (0) 9324034419 (Mumbai)

That’s all it takes. One SMS and your WILL to go ahead. You can also see the some products at the following websites WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO KNOW??

After joining this company I understood that there is nothing against working for a living, but a JOB[just over broke] is just for surviving, and not for the creation of wealth.

To dream that you will one day become wealthy and read the menu from the left hand side even when you go to dine with your beloved wife or husband to a five star hotel, Thats financial freedom! And today am very very proud to announce that I joined FLP. And yes  my dear I wont hide that this is an MLM or a Multi Level Marketing business, but it differs drastically from others.

In the course of MLM we often meet people who would not even come for a meeting or there are the ones that come but are hopeless and have no interest, there are also people who join but never do any thing, and there are also those who show interest and give up easily, yet many of them are looking for an opportunity and are in need for a break in life and I am lucky to have grabbed this opportunity at once.

I have not invested any money, there is nothing called as the renewal fee, nor have I entered into entering into any BINDING agreements with my new company. I also did not have to pay any sum of money to join. And it is absolutely risk free, And the greatest climax is here that I stand to earn 40,000 to 1,00,000 per month, that’s no joke. Am not joking. I do it on the spare time I have in my office and even after I return home or even on Sundays, I devote only 2-3 hours occasionally that too not daily!

Look I am an ordinary person doing a job and at any point of time, no matter how much ever I slog for my present company(not FLP) I will not get this sort of payment at the end of month.

But here in case of FLP, I work, I get paid in proportion to my work.
You know, some times I think that I am sowing seeds in other person’s garden instead of sowing seeds in my own garden, Am working hard for my company but do they give me a share in their profits? Does my company reward me for a secure future to my family in my absence after am no more?

In MLM, there are many who hear the horror stories from others , newspapers and magazines and even the internet, so they don’t want to join.

BUT GOD HAS MADE A WORLD FULL OF PEOPLE!!! if not one the second one will be interested! Am just writing this to let you know how I feel, since I joined FLP.

Well at first I want to make a few points very clear if you want to GO AHEAD WITH THIS …………

(1) Some companies are not MLM companies but they are pyramid schemes, set by bogus people whose only goal is to cheat as many people as they possibly can. These companies attract those people who are foolish enough to believe that MLM IS WHERE YOU PLAY THE MONEY GAME. BUT IN REALITY, IT IS WHERE YOU DISTRIBUTE YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

(2) Many members of such bogus so called MLMs ask you to invest your hard earned money and then make other members, so you get the commission. So you tell me, where are these companies providing products as well as their services?

(3) Just in case you are approaching your retirement and planning to get your children  married and you also might be a sole earning member in your family, then won’t you want that after your child’s marriage and after the completion of all your duties you live a happy and peaceful life? But that’s just a dream. I’ll tell you why? Because of the inflation our country is facing and it is on the ascending side! So imagine how much should we save right now to have that kind of a life 30 years later?

(4) Do we earn that much doing a 9-5 job and doing all the duties and meeting the day to day necessities like food, clothing, illness, etc?

(5) Today with the development of technology cars are sold in the internet tomorrow services will be sold on the net too, so I stand the greatest chance of being unemployed.

(6) Be careful when you come across companies that tell you there is no need to sell or they might even say that we will give you prospects, and above all they might say that all you need to do is to register and money will start coming in.

(7) Do not come with the attitude that you want to be rich in a very short time, secondly you can never earn easy money without hard work.

Email your Full Name and postal address to

and SMS or Call us on (0) 9324034419 (Mumbai)

That’s all it takes. One SMS and your WILL to go ahead. You can also see the some products at the following websites

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