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STUDENT GRIEVANCE POLICY The student grievance policy provides a system to manage student issues against faculty, staff, or fellow students. Students desiring to discuss or file a grievance should use the following protocols: 1. The student shall make an appointment, within three (3) days, with the instructor to discuss the issue with the objective of resolving the issue informally. 2. If the grievance is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student, the student may submit the grievance in writing to the program coordinator within three days of the informal discussion.

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HomeYiannis2014-07-15T16:27:46+00:00 Corporate Sustainability & Social Responsibility A number of critical global trends, including the growing acute scarcity of natural resources, climate change and the massive demographic changes around the world, combined with increasing levels of income inequality and an unprecedented shift of middle-class consumption from the developed to the developing world, areradically shiftingthe world’s competitive landscape. The winning  Sustainable Organizations  of the future will be the ones that acknowledge these tectonic shifts  today , and are able to strategically and uniquely integrate such broader social and environmental issues into their business models, their corporate cultures and their strategies.

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PhD Program Requirements

The University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School PhD program is designed to be flexible, enabling you to develop an individual program of study that will complement the research mentoring provided by our faculty. You may choose courses from Katz PhD seminars, University of Pittsburgh PhD and graduate courses (campus-wide), or courses offered at Carnegie Mellon University through the Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education. PhD Program Requirements: 1. General Management  Katz PhD students must complete at least 6 credits of MBA coursework. Students holding MBA degrees from accredited institutions may petition for waiver of this requirement.

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U.S. Department of State

Note: For comprehensive and current information on schools and programs, we advise that you contact the school district directly. In some districts, students coming from foreign countries are referred from the neighborhood school to a central registration office. To avoid this confusion, Foreign Service families returning from overseas should tell school officials that they are U. S. citizens returning from abroad. District of Columbia District of Columbia law requires children to attend private or public school from age 5 to age 18. For further information: DC Public Schools Communications Office (202) 442-5885  Director, Special Education (202)442-4800 Virginia For statistical information on schools in Virginia, visit the Virginia Department of Education's School Report Card.

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World’s 50 Best Business School Professors

A great teacher, it has been said, is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for others. That’s an incredibly apt description for these 50 business school professors chosen by Poets&Quants as the world’s best. Most of these extraordinary teachers, chosen by their schools and their students, are long time legends in the academic community. They’ve withstood the tests of time, taught through bear markets and bull markets, and have consistently taught life changing lessons to MBA students year after year. In some cases, decade after decade.

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Texas School of Business – North

The Texas School of Business was founded in 1983 as a secretarial school, though immediately began expanding its offerings into more diverse areas. The school was purchased in 2004 by Kaplan Inc. , a subsidiary of the Washington Post Company. The school provides career training opportunities to residents of Friendswood and Houston. Individuals who pursue an education at Texas School of Business may choose from a small selection of career programs aimed at preparing individuals for entry into the workforce in the field of healthcare, specifically programs in medical assistance, dental assistance, and medical billing and coding, as well as continuing education for nursing and Spanish for healthcare workers.

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Graduate School of Business, Florida International University

Strategically located in Miami, Florida International University (FIU) has the advantage of being at the center of it all: growth in Miami is booming, the geographical positioning of South Florida has facilitated a flourishing ocean, air transportation and logistics industry. It truly is the crossroads of the Americas. This ideal setting blends culture, urbanism and ethnicity with the business headquarters for many multinational corporations, giving way to a dynamic environment that is characterized by technology, international commerce and banking, travel and tourism, and entrepreneurship.

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The Edinburgh MBA - University of Edinburgh Business School

The Edinburgh MBA enhances your career potential by delivering a unique and powerful set of insights, tools and skills to prepare you for strategic leadership in a rapidly changing world. The Edinburgh MBA We aim to provide flexibility and variety with our MBA by offering three different variants: Build your capacity for incisive analysis, innovation and strategic leadership through the range of different courses and business disciplines. Participants may choose a specialisation in finance, strategy, entrepreneurship or sustainability. Students will take the same core courses as the standard MBA but will also get to spend 2-3 months abroad as part of an exchange with one of our University partners.

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MBA Clubs: London Business School – Africa Club

Romain graduated with an MBA from London Business School in 2016 Romain Assunção has had one eye on Africa throughout his career. He grew up in an area of France with a strong North African influence. He’s worked extensively in Africa, including a stint with a rocket internet enterprise, setting up Nigeria’s answer to Amazon before interning at Amazon itself. During an MBA at London Business School (LBS), Romain became the first non-African president of the school’s Africa Club. “What matters is putting LBS at the front of the Africa scene in Europe,” he says.

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Kellogg School of Management - Northwestern University

Faculty Kellogg employs 338 faculty members across six academic departments and three professional programs. This group of scholars and practitioners directs Kellogg’s 19 research centers, which cover a spectrum of topics from family enterprise and nonprofit management to healthcare and real estate, and support the four other research centers at Northwestern University. Curriculum Like most MBA programs, Kellogg employs a variety of teaching methods. The school reports that professors rely on team projects, case studies and lectures as well as experiential or simulation-based instruction.

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