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  • A.I.M.E. enhanced images can reduce anticipated risk in neurosurgery

    22 APRIL 2016 Read more
  • Manage your cameras with SNC-Toolbox

    14 NOVEMBER 2015 Read more
  • Seeing, viewing and sharing: Sony’s 3D medical workflow

    03 AUGUST 2014 Read more
  • 3D Head Mounted Display gives surgeons a fresh dimension

    03 AUGUST 2014 Read more
  • Sony 3D gives a new dimension of medical detail

    03 AUGUST 2014 Read more
  • 3D for today’s medical applications

    03 AUGUST 2014 Read more
  • SRG SSR sets sporting record at Winter Games

    25 JULY 2014 Read more
  • Sony

    projectors power multimedia exhibition at NYC’s Jewish Museum

    08 JULY 2014 Read more
  • Auckland Musuem creates immersive virtual ocean using VPL-SW535C projectors

    07 JULY 2014 Read more
  • Laser projection illuminates undersea world at Georgia Aquarium

    07 JULY 2014 Read more
  • Pope sanctification captured and transmitted live in 4K Ultra HD

    05 JUNE 2014 Read more
  • 4K SXRD projectors form “backbone” of Ford design

    12 MAY 2014 Read more
  • 4K SXRD projectors slash control room costs

    12 MAY 2014 Read more
  • Easy, flexible installation for outdoor use

    01 MAY 2014 Read more
  • See clearly in the dark with Advanced IR

    01 MAY 2014 Read more
  • PXW-Z100 and PMW-F55 4K cameras capture superstar concert pianist Lang Lang at Royal
    Albert Hall

    13 APRIL 2014 Read more
  • Leading Turkish satellite broadcaster Digiturk breaks new ground with Sony

    09 APRIL 2014 Read more
  • Interactive Education for Kuwaiti Students

    13 DECEMBER 2013 Read more
  • Ready for anything: industry-leading W Series rapid dome cameras

    06 DECEMBER 2013 Read more
  • Enduring brightness: Laser projection with no lamp replacement

    03 JULY 2013 Read more

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