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eBay Inc. (eBay) is a commerce company, which operates through its Marketplace, StubHub and Classifieds platforms. The Company helps in enabling commerce on its platforms for buyers and sellers online. The Company has an open source platform that provides software developers and merchants an access to its application programming interfaces for developing software and solutions for commerce. Its Marketplace platforms include its online marketplace located at www. ebay. com, localized counterparts and the eBay mobile applications. Its StubHub platforms include its online ticket platform located at www.

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What is a good gearing ratio?

A: A company's profit and loss statement, or balance sheet, gives a lot of insight into its degree of financial stability. For accountants and business owners, this information dictates numerous financial decisions, from budget allocation to hiring practices. In economics, companies' relative financial practices give insight into the state of the industry. For investors, an accurate assessment of the financial strength of a company means creating more informed trading strategies. In any of these sectors, the use of a gearing ratio is one of the most popular methods of evaluating a company's financial fitness.

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Deloitte’s Annual Review of Football Finance

2016 marks the 25th edition of the publication, and with the Premier League set to embark on its 25th season, it seems natural to reflect on the unprecedented change and development in the game since we first published the Annual Review of Football Finance in 1992. The incredible pace of revenue growth over this period is best encapsulated by the following statistic: By half-time of the second Premier League game that is televised domestically in 2016/17, more broadcast revenue will have been generated than by all the First Division matches combined 25 years ago.

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