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What financial aid options does UNT offer, and what will you qualify for? takes a look at the average amount of grants, scholarships and loans available to students attending UNT, as well as the overall level of student loan debt that's incurred to obtain a degree at the college.

Most students do not pay the advertised sticker price of a school. Instead they are typically offered a financial aid package that includes a combination of scholarships, grants, loans and work study. See what type of financial aid you can expect from University of North Texas.

You'll find the answers to the following questions on this page.

  • What's the average financial aid offered to students?
  • How much of that financial aid is scholarships and grants (free money)?
  • How much assistance can I expect in my income range?

University of North Texas's average financial aid package for incoming freshmen is $16,644. Approximately 56.0% of incoming students receive some form of financial assistance, the majority of which is in the form of scholarships and grants

Apply for ScholarshipsCompare Loan Offers & SaveWrite a Winning Essay Financial aid helps reduce the cost, or the 'sticker' price of the college. However, be aware that the only true discounts off the cost of college are in the form of grants and scholarships.

We feel that loan debt should be thought of as an "outcome" rather than as "aid" or a "discount".

Student Loan Debt at University of North Texas

These grants and scholarships consist mostly of federally provided grants, as well as some state and local grants. 1,815 students at University of North Texas

received a federal grant, averaging $4,534. In addition to grants, 2,434 students were awarded scholarships by the college, averaging $3,961 each.

Grants are typically need-based; scholarships merit-based.

The chart below shows the average amount of scholarship and grant aid distributed to all freshmen.

The table below shows grant and scholarship distributions by income level for freshman students receiving any form of federally-funded Title IV assistance, including Federal PLUS loans.

The table on the left only shows students who are receiving Title IV aid which is federal aid from the government in the form of loans, grants or work study. Learn more.

Of the 31,243 undergraduate students at University of North Texas about 50% get some form of grant aid. The average amount awarded to these 15,621 students was $6,721.

  • Did you know financial aid packages can be negotiated? Financial aid is based on need, but you may be able to demonstrate a greater financial need than the one that has been calculated for you.
  • Is that a loan or a grant? Colleges include loans in their financial aid packages to students, even though they have to be paid back. Make sure you know how much of your financial "aid" is free money, and how much is debt.
  • In addition to the FAFSA, are there any other applications you must fill out in order to be considered for financial aid from this college?
  • Will your financial aid package vary from year to year? Are there any requirements that have to be maintained in order to qualify for scholarships, merit awards or talent awards year-to-year?

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