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Cost of Attendance (COA)

Financial aid awards are based on the Cost of Attendance (COA) as determined by the  student's housing status, enrollment status, FAFSA dependency status, and program of enrollment (ie. main campus vs. CAST, etc. ) for the academic year. The charts below show estimated and average costs used for full-time undergraduate students enrolled on the main campus in three different housing situations: On-Campus(arranged through Residence Life); Dependent Commuter(living with parents); Off-Campus(dependent students in non-UA apartments or independent students) Your actual expenses will vary due to your housing choice and other factors.

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International Student Financial Aid

We believe cost should not be a barrier to pursuing one’s educational dreams, and a Columbia education is possible for students from families of all sorts of socioeconomic backgrounds.  Columbia admits a large number of international students who apply for and receive a substantial amount of financial aid. We guarantee to meet 100% of all admitted first-year students’ demonstrated financial need for all four years, regardless of citizenship.  Admissions and Financial AidColumbia’s admissions application process is largely the same for all students regardless of their citizenship or country of residence.

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Apply for Financial Aid

Dependent students are required to provide parental information on their FAFSA and independent students are not. Not sure you if you are a dependent or independent student? Complete the Dependency Status Worksheet to find out. Here is a list of documents you will need: Your Social Security card (and your parents', if dependent) Your alien registration or permanent resident card (if you are not a U. S. citizen) Your (and your spouse's, if married) Income Tax Return Your Parents' Income Tax Return (if you are a dependent student) Your W-2 forms and other records of money earned Any untaxed income records including child support paid or received Your current bank statements Your current business and investment mortgage information, business and farm records, stock, bond and other investment records The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available online at http://www.

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What is Academic Integrity?

Academic integrity describes thoughts and actions which demonstrate respect and honesty toward your fellow learners and scholars. The acknowledgement of sources and a commitment to open, ethical conduct are the foundation of research, learning and teaching in higher education and beyond. The University is committed to academic integrity, honesty and the promotion of ethical scholarship. Under the University's Student Code of Conduct (opens in a new window), you are expected to:act honestly and ethically in the production of all academic work and assessment tasks;give recognition to any direct quotes used from other authors or to those authors whose work has made an intellectual contribution to the contents of your work;acknowledge shared ownership of ideas in group projects or assessment tasks.

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East Mississippi Community College (EMCC)

East Mississippi Community College, located in Scooba, Mississippi, began its history as the Kemper County Agricultural High School in 1912. From the school emerged the East Mississippi Junior College in 1927, when the Mississippi Community College System began to form. Over time the school changed its name to the current one and expanded its educational offerings as well as establishing satellite campus in nearby counties and cities. The Scooba campus is the primary campus, with the Golden Triangle campus being host to most vocational programs.

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Financial Aid Documents and Forms

Return to Financial Aid All forms require an original signature electronic signatures are not acceptable.  Photographs of documents are not acceptable. Please scan and save as a PDF, fax, or mail all documents and forms. Fax forms to: (662) 472-9170Mail forms to:  Office of Financial Aid, P. O. Box 216, Goodman, MS  39079 Bachelor's Degree Verification - FORM BSD Dependency Status Review Verification - FORM DSR Emancipated Minor and Legal Guardianship Confirmation - FORM EMLG Head of Household Verification - FORM HOH High School Completion Verification - FORM HSC Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal - FORM SAP Unusual Enrollment History Appeal - FORM UEH Clarification of Parent Marital Status - FORM 17PMS Clarification of Student's Marital Status - FORM 17SMS Dependent Child Support and SNAP Verification - FORM 17V4D Dependent Household Resources Verification Worksheet - FORM 17V6D Dependent Verification Worksheet - FORM 17VWD FAFSA Waiver - FORM 17WVR Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose - In Person - FORM 17IEPP Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose - Notarized - FORM 17IEPN Independent Child Support and SNAP Verification - FORM 17V4I Independent Household Resources Verification Worksheet - FORM 17V6I Independent Verification Worksheet - FORM 17VWI Institutional Student Signature Record - FORM 17SIG Legal Dependents Worksheet - FORM 17LDW Low Income/Non-Tax Filer Verification - FORM 17LINT No Parental Data - FORM 17NPD Professional Judgment Appeal - FORM 17PJA Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Verification - FORM 17HMLS To request an IRS tax transcript please call 1-800-908-9946 or visit www.

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Financial Aid: Apply for Federal Financial Aid

FAFSA School Code: 010439 How do I apply for Federal Financial Aid? Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can submit the FAFSA after January 1, sooner is better to qualify for as much financial aid as possible. Filling out the FAFSA form online is the fastest way to apply. You'll need a PIN for this process. The PIN number can be applied for within the FAFSA application. Enter Southwest's School Code, 010439, as a school that will receive the results of your FAFSA. The Department of Education will send you an email containing your PIN number.

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Proration Information

PDF Version Initial financial aid awards are based upon the expectation of full time enrollment (12 units or more or 8 units of 200 level series). All financial aid recipients will have their eligibility recalculated based on their enrollment at census date (the end of a term's fourth week of instruction). Director loans do not automatically disburse to student enrolled in less than 12 units. Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you will not be enrolling in at least 12 units for the term. If you drop units, withdraw, or fail to attend class, you must contact the Financial Aid Office at (559) 278 2182.

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Impact Of 529 Accounts On Financial Aid For College

To be eligible for federal financial aid (including grants and federal student loans), you’ll need to submit a Federal Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA will ask you to report the assets held in a 529 account for your dependent student. A 529 account owned by the parent, with the student as beneficiary, will have a much lower impact on financial aid than another type of account held in the student’s name. In making decisions about eligibility for federal financial aid programs, the U. S. Department of Education takes into consideration a variety of factors, including the assets owned by the student and the assets owned by the student's parents.

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Applying for Financial Aid

Applying for most Financial Aid can be completed online.   You will be prompted throughout the process via your My Upstate account. Applying Process Overview: 1.   FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid):      A.  FSA (Federal Student Aid) ID:  You must establish this prior to completing your FAFSA. This is your electronic signature for all applications for federal financial aid.        B.  The FAFSA is available every January 1st to complete for the upcoming academic year.             i.   Our priority deadline is March 1st for Fall starts and November 1st for Spring starts.

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