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Brown Financial Advisory is afee-only firm .  Because we don’t receive commissions on products or services we recommend, you can be confident that thefinancial planningandasset managementservice you receive always has your best interest at heart. You will receivefull disclosure of our compensation , and you’ll will never worry about commissions, loads and other punitive fees.

Along with truly objective advice our clients tell us what they appreciate most is the way we deliver our service.We help our clients live with more purpose– focusing on the most important things – because life is more than just accumulating assets.

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D. Scott McLeod
D. Scott McLeod

Brown Financial Advisory was founded in 1986 and in our nearly 30 year history we have helped hundreds of families achieve financial peace of mind. But our firm is not for everyone so I thought it might help to know what three things make us different from “the other guys.”

First, Brown Financial Advisory is a “Fee-Only” firm. This simply means that we do not charge commissions or other fees and all of our compensation comes directly from our clients. This helps eliminate conflicts of

interest and insures that your best interest is always placed above ours.

Second, Brown Financial Advisory is a Financial Planning centered firm. A holistic financial plan is the roadmap to your financial success. It is not simply determining if you have enough for retirement, but it also helps you save on income taxes, helps you plan for illness, protects you when the unexpected arises and gives direction and purpose for your investments, among other things. Our three Certified Financial Planner® practitioners provide planning as a part of all of our client engagements in order to help insure your financial success.

Finally, Brown Financial Advisory is a financial Life Planning firm. Life Planning is the commitment to understanding each person’s most essential goals in life before constructing a financial plan. Traditionally, financial planners focus on the numbers – budgets, taxes, returns, insurance, etc. – without ever considering life’s most important questions like, “How would you describe your most fulfilling life?” or “About what are you truly passionate?” After all, in the end, life is more than just accumulating assets.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about our firm. Sincerely,

D. Scott McLeod, CFP®, ChFC®

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