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Financial Independence Group

As Financial Independence Group, Inc. celebrates 40 years of industry partnership, we look back fondly on many wonderful accomplishments, as well as celebrate the success of our advisors, who share the spirit of our great organization. We also look forward to our growth over the next 40 years nationwide to continue our influence of integrity. We invite you to join in our yearlong celebration! Each quarter, we will announce new ways to get involved based on a quarterly theme. We will kick off the year and 40th celebration with a tribute to the Spirit of FIG.

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The Kidder Group – What We Do

The Kidder Group has a very defined niche in the marketplace. We represent companies who are proven leaders in their industry; they are strong financially, have a management team who leads by example, and insist on an engaged and passionate work force. The company must be committed to excellence, set World Class Standards, and believe in Continuous Process Improvement as a way of life. These clients are true believers that the top performers will out-produce average performers by as much as ten fold. We recruit candidates who are seasoned manufacturing professionals in the top 20% of their peer group, and we define this by past accomplishments with quantifiable achievements and long discussions about their philosophy of management and leadership.

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Our Group

We are one of the region's largest and most acclaimed financial services groups with an unrivalled reputation for world class financial solutions comparable with the best in the world. Since our inception, Samba has been leading the industry in innovation with a long list of industry firsts, playing a major role in the modern transformation of banking in Saudi Arabia. Indeeed, our world class services, market-leading products and superior technology have made us one of the most successful financial services brands and the most internationally acclaimed bank in Saudi Arabia and even the Middle East.

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Pizur Financial Group

Thomas Pizur Since 1987, I have been helping families plan for long term health care. As a specialist, I am able to support individuals in their search for information concerning: - Medicare (skilled nursing care) - VA benefits (Aid and Attendance, Compensation, Appeals) - Medicaid (Preplanning and Crisis) - Life Settlements (Use your life insurance to pay for your care) - Reverse Mortgage (pros and cons) - How to choose nursing facility, assisted living and your home care options. - Long term care insurance – Life insurance (with long term care benefits) After helping thousands of families plan for care, I firmly believe that you should stay in your own home as long as possible.

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Element Financial Group - AlexLevi

Alex Levi has spent her entire career helping people. It is her calling, and one of her greatest joys in life.   Whether she is helping fellow entrepreneurs build and sustain profitable businesses, or offering individuals sound, straight forward advice, Alex has made it her business to help others create and preserve wealth. She envisioned Element, an advisory business, as a response to the product and proprietary driven environment that existed in the financial services industry.   Her ability to communicate clearly and directly, and deliver even the most sophisticated strategies in a manner that clients understand and embrace, has become a hallmark of the firm.

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Symmetry Financial Group on

When I think about married couples working together, I immediately think about Johnny and June.   A musical and romantic combination for the ages.   The success that they created with each other continues to be inspiring to many. Here at Symmetry Financial Group, we have our own version of Johnny and June…Agency Leaders, Ben and Sarah Seifipour.   In just a short time, they have taken SFG Dallas from a ground-floor operation to one of the highest producing agency’s in the company.   I had the opportunity to talk to them recently about their working relationship, the growth of their agency, November To Remember, and more.

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Home | Advantage Financial Group

A change in your mindset during retirement may drive changes to your portfolio. Pundits go on and on about how “terrible” or “wonderful” annuities are, but they never talk about whether annuities are right The chances of an IRS audit aren't that high. And being audited does not necessarily imply that the IRS suspects wrongdoing. Healthy habits are one of the greatest gifts to give your child. Understanding how capital gains are taxed may help you refine your investment strategies. What’s the deal with your yearly free credit report? With a few simple inputs you can estimate how much of a mortgage you may be able to obtain.

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International Consolidated Airlines Group S.A.

International Consolidated Airlines Group SA (IAG) is the holding company for British Airways, Iberia and Vueling. The company engages in providing passenger and freight air transportation services. It also provides international and domestic carriage services for passengers and cargo. It operates t. . . International Consolidated Airlines Group SA (IAG) is the holding company for British Airways, Iberia and Vueling. The company engages in providing passenger and freight air transportation services. It also provides international and domestic carriage services for passengers and cargo.

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About First Senior Financial Group - First Senior Financial Group

First Senior Financial Group protects people at or near retirement against stock market fluctuations, unscrupulous advisors and exorbitant fees.   To date, First Senior Financial Group has protected millions of dollars in retirement assets, taking them off the volatile stock market and placing them in Crash Proof vehicles which are guaranteed not to lose money.   CEO Joann Small has picked up where founder Phil Cannella left off, continuing First Senior’s proud tradition of providing retirees with truthful, accurate information and helping them plan for a comfortable life in retirement.

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Unifund – CCR Partners and Unifund CCR LLC

I have always fortunate when it came to making money. I had been successful in my career and moved up the corporate ladder fairly easily. At a fairly young age, I was making a six-figure salary along with all of the material benefits that came with that type of income. The problem was, as good as I was at making money, I was equally talented at squandering it. I was never a good saver because when you’re young and making good money you think you are invincible and that the money will always be coming in. I was terrible at investments. Or, maybe to put it another way, I was a sucker when it came to giving my money to people who guaranteed that it would grow in multiples and make me a rich person.

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