Advanced Financial Risk Management: Tools and Techniques for Integrated Credit Risk and Interest Rate Risk Management, 2nd Edition

Introduction: Wall Street Lessons from Bubbles xxiii

Key Fallacies in Risk Management xxiii

Selected Events in the Credit Crisis xxviii

PART ONE Risk Management: Definitions and Objectives

CHAPTER 1 A Risk Management Synthesis: Market Risk, Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk, and Asset and Liability Management 3

CHAPTER 2 Risk, Return, Performance Measurement, and Capital Regulation 15

PART TWO Risk Management Techniques for Interest Rate Analytics

CHAPTER 3 Interest Rate Risk Introduction and Overview 45

CHAPTER 4 Fixed Income Mathematics: The Basic Tools 59

CHAPTER 5 Yield Curve Smoothing 73

CHAPTER 6 Introduction to Heath, Jarrow, and Morton Interest Rate Modeling 123

CHAPTER 7 HJM Interest Rate Modeling with Rate and Maturity-Dependent Volatility 142

CHAPTER 8 HJM Interest Rate Modeling with Two Risk Factors 161

CHAPTER 9 HJM Interest Rate Modeling with Three Risk Factors 190

CHAPTER 10 Valuation, Liquidity, and Net Income 230

CHAPTER 11 Interest Rate Mismatching and Hedging 250

CHAPTER 12 Legacy Approaches to Interest Rate Risk Management 257

CHAPTER 13 Special Cases of Heath, Jarrow, and Morton Interest Rate Modeling 283

CHAPTER 14 Estimating the Parameters of Interest Rate Models 316

PART THREE Risk Management Techniques for Credit Risk Analytics

CHAPTER 15 An Introduction to Credit Risk: Using Market Signals in Loan Pricing and Performance Measurement 335

CHAPTER 16 Reduced Form Credit Models and Credit Model Testing 359

CHAPTER 17 Credit Spread Fitting and Modeling


CHAPTER 18 Legacy Approaches to Credit Risk 421

CHAPTER 19 Valuing Credit Risky Bonds 453

CHAPTER 20 Credit Derivatives and Collateralized Debt Obligations 473

PART FOUR Risk Management Applications: Instrument by Instrument

CHAPTER 21 European Options on Bonds 495

CHAPTER 22 Forward and Futures Contracts 513

CHAPTER 23 European Options on Forward and Futures Contracts 531

CHAPTER 24 Caps and Floors 548

CHAPTER 25 Interest Rate Swaps and Swaptions 567

CHAPTER 26 Exotic Swap and Options Structures 580

CHAPTER 27 American Fixed Income Options 596

CHAPTER 28 Irrational Exercise of Fixed Income Options 622

CHAPTER 29 Mortgage-Backed Securities and Asset-Backed Securities 639

CHAPTER 30 Nonmaturity Deposits 656

CHAPTER 31 Foreign Exchange Markets 675

CHAPTER 32 Impact of Collateral on Valuation Models: The Example of

CHAPTER 33 Pricing and Valuing Revolving Credit and Other Facilities 694

CHAPTER 34 Modeling Common Stock and Convertible Bonds on a Default-Adjusted Basis 700

CHAPTER 35 Valuing Insurance Policies and Pension Obligations 708

PART FIVE Portfolio Strategy and Risk Management

CHAPTER 36 Value-at-Risk and Risk Management Objectives Revisited at the Portfolio and Company Level 719

CHAPTER 37 Liquidity Analysis and Management: Examples from the Credit Crisis 735

CHAPTER 38 Performance Measurement: Plus Alpha vs. Transfer Pricing 765

CHAPTER 39 Managing Institutional Default Risk and Safety and Soundness 783

CHAPTER 40 Information Technology Considerations 793

CHAPTER 41 Shareholder Value Creation and Destruction 800

Postscript 808

Bibliography 809

Index 819

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