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The MNC which give a high work standard and technology.but the payment which they gave us is very low comparing to other firms.

They have a good timing schedule for work and systematic planning to approach each work.

Salary employee, the better I did, the more they assigned until I was working 70+ hours a week and could not keep up. Running 22 projects at one time. Hired to work from home but then assigned to an office 35 miles away from my home. In the beginning I loved my job but over the two year timespan it became to hard to manage my job and still have a life outside of work. I am okay with working 70+ hours once in a while but after a year I was just too tired.

This is a great place to work with the exception of the job stability recently but I guess that's to be expected in the financial/ mortgage industry


You are compensated for the work you put in.


Lately the job stability is horrible

Worked there for a little over three years,same position, same routine YET the demands changed monthly.Job security is non existent there were two major layoffs one was as large as closing an entire location over three hundred employees affected.Management is horrid and have no regard for employees. But my co workers were an awesome group but I'm glad I left when I did that place is one audit away from a federal investigation and shut down.


Management, no job security

very family oriented took care of their employees room for advancement management very helpful. learning different skills and tasks held classes on growth

Typical day at work is getting prepared to take 1-200 calls everyday and being constantly yelled at by customers.I learned how to take payments and read a script made me feel like a true actor.Don't really understand management for they're not properly trained and always send you over to the "escalation specialists."Loved my co-workers. you'll really want to get along with your co-workers cause within a week or two you'll be in tears right when you boot up your computer and need a shoulder to cry on.Hardest part of the job... hmmm let's see systems are terrible, shift bids, you can have Mondays and Saturdays off, you can start at 11 AM and shift won't end til 8 PM. Of course til the queue clears, so may get out at 9 or 10 PM depending if that one customer doesn't constantly call back to scream and yell at you and whoever else is there. Then there's a minimum (150-200) amount of credits you have to achieve monthly these are called "promise to pays." With that you're making random calls out on an auto dialer and basically bugging people when and how are they going to make their payment. If you don't meet your minimum amount of credits get prepared to have a long talk with your supervisor. These credits give you a pretty decent bonus every month but gives your supervisor a bigger bonus. Which isn't really fair that you will be doing all the hard work and get 500 dollars at the end of the month and your supervisor sits there eating a whole box of pizza to his/herself, surfing the web, texting etc and gets around 2000.

(there's a whole list, shoot I can probably

  more...make a book)Most enjoyable part of the job is not being there.

P.S. There's a huge for sale sign by the building in Iowa and they just got rid of 300 employees in Iowa. Really do your research before going here at all, half of these reviews I wouldn't be surprised are fake. I still talk to some people who work there and are saying it's a disaster and soon to be closing.


Great Job, the first I've loved in a long time! You could really learn a lot if people were willing to share their knowledge and Most were. I would have stayed until I retired if I was able to!


Free Coffee, Great direct supervisors, Great people


Drama amoung co-workers should have been addressed by management, Too Many meetings, undue pressure to avoid a finding could have been avoided if we all worked for the same goal

Monitor calls daily to ensure quality and assist with

daily production. Manage a team of 13 customer care specialists to ensure daily and monthly production goals are met. Review and approve time sheets for payroll. In addition, provide coaching and feedback when necessary. Continually educate staff with policies and procedures. Complete ad hoc projects when necessary

flex hours and people was a good work place. The escrow position was good busy with a balance of multiple task. The hardest part of the job was the slow outdated system.

Management is super helpful and great at communicating. Coworkers are just as helpful as management. If you have questions, the whole team is willing to help. Great training in weekly meetings along with opportunities to take any training you feel necessary. Home life and work balance is great. I am very pleased with the atmosphere. Love this job!


Pay, home life work balance, Co workers

This company is defenitey not the answer if you want a great carreer or if you are looking for great mamangement. This is not a great place for an experienced processor because it hard to even close 10 loans here due to the jacked up system that they have. Everything is manual when it come to processing. The loan officers there for the majority don't give out clean files so therefore most of your files will end up being adversed. The Management is horrible as well the company. It takes an average of 3-4 months to close a loan because of the underwriters and closing department don't know their right hand from the left hand. The only reason I gave this comany 2 stars is because the processors were great to work around. I would make this company my last resort for a processing job.

Temporary position without benefits. Management was not very helpful. But the team was great working with. There was not a chance for growth with the company.

Job security is zero; 2 layoffs while I was there as a temporary. Managers are not helpful or friendly. It's everyone for themselves. Little cooperation between team members.

I enjoyed working at Ocwen. Project work was interesting. And team members were great. Unfortunately, company laid off many employees in favor of sending the work off shore.

Ocwen's management wasn't concerned with a good working environment. There were many people moving into the stat so they didn't feel the need to treat employees well. Overworked and a pressured environment. Poor, untrained managers and long hours.

Managed voluminous complex files related to mortgage modifications in compliance with the Department of Justice 2013 HAMP regulations while sustaining support to internal retention and in-house counsel, opposing counsel, trustee offices, and other related departments within OFS. Acting as a liaison to ensure the integral processing of complex foreclosure matters in accordance with each states jurisdictional rules of civil practice and procedure, in an attempt to resolve title, litigation, and modification matters to conclude any outstanding impediment within the foreclosure process.

Never ran out of work to do and learned new things every week. Worked with a great team under a supportive manager. Enjoyed taking breaks and lunch.

marketing program is NOT relevant to environmentgoals are not realisticdepressing place to work with all the inherent negativity Speed to decision is slow at best

you pay expenses out of pocket and wait to be re-imbursed

I dont understand how the overall ratings for this company are showing over 3 stars. I KNOW this is not accurate, and anybody desiring to rate this company has had obvious daily encounters with that environment like the rest of us. People only stay there because their is no other option for income.

Ocwen is a terrible company to work for. They pay well, but that is only because they HAVE to. They are working desperately to improve their culture due to the fact that their turnover rate is so high, but it's not enough. They pay well, but they work their people to death and do not staff their departments appropriately so everyone is overwhelmed. I feel as if I am in a meat grinder.

Coworkers are great - we are all in the same boat, so we try to help each other out because we are all under the same pressure.


Understaff so you have to work ungodly hours and still can't keep up

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