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Residual Income Business Opportunities - These type of business opportunities let you leverage your efforts to produce an ongoing stream of income. There are companies out there with reputable business models that make this possible.

Residual Income is the way that you work once and get paid multiple times—sounds great! These type of business opportunities let you leverage your efforts to produce an ongoing stream of income. There are companies out there with reputable business models that make this possible.

How do residual income business opportunities work? For example, if you convince a customer to sign up for a monthly subscription program, you'd receive a commission each month.  That is so as long as she pays her monthly fee. Or a company signs up for a credit card payment processing system. For as long as they pay their monthly fee, you get a portion of it.

As with every franchise or biz opp you need to do your research. Many companies are reliable and reputable. Educate yourself so you can spot those that are all hype and pay once or twice, then drop you. To start you out, here is a list of 13 of the top residual opportunities available today. Many companies are reliable and reputable.

Top Residual Income Opportunity Ideas

Reputation Resolve Business Opportunity - We are clients of this opportunity and we love the service.  Your investment IS a tax deduction. The coolest thing about being a Reputation Resolve JV Member is the turn-key business you get and Residual Income Possibilities which is not available at any price point.

ICANGet2 in 24 Hour Challenge - APPS ARE REPLACING WEBSITES. This mobile app is a pre-built website ready to be customized for any business. Very affordable, easy to sell, -> there is no other app that offers so many features at such a low cost. Here, you will earn an income quickly as everyone works together to help each with our I Can Get 2 in 24 Hour Challenge.

The Local Project - Questions? Call Us Direct at 409-770-3918 - Build Your City – They're opening “Local Area Networks” in communities across the country. We’re enlisting an army of good people to join forces with us to build a better local Internet in their town. Openings are available for full-time or part-time opportunities where you can use your skills, work close to home, and build a significant residual income.

Cruises Inc. Business Opportunity - Using the motto “Make your life’s work a vacation,” Cruises Inc. gives you a commission on each vacation package you book, including cruises and destination getaways. You can also sell travel insurance, air packages, shore excursions, escorted tours, independent tours and car rentals. The commissions add up and you earn 60% to 100% on whatever you sell.

SavianCash - EARN RESIDUAL DAILY INCOME: Saivian is a cutting edge cash back technology which gives shoppers up to 20% cash back on all of their purchases anywhere they shop or dine. Plus, you the opportunity to earn a six-figure income by just introducing them up to the opportunity. The market is huge and we do much of the marketing for you!

Ambit Energy - As an independent consultant for Ambit Energy, you earn residual income for life by helping consumers save on the energy they are already using. Ambit supplies electricity and natural gas in a large number of states, as well as solar energy to a growing number. The key advantage is that you make the sale once but get paid repeatedly, month after month. Homeowners and building owners always need energy.

RegenaLife Affiliate Opportunity - RegenaLife (Formally Regeneration USA, LLC) is a New Jersey based network marketing (mlm) natural food and supplement company focused on whole-food derived products for healthy aging. Their compensation plan is considered one of the most lucrative in the network marketing industry. - DONE-4-U MARKETING THAT REALLY WORKS!!!! We have a process that has never been done before and will set you up to Earn DAILY Residual Income. We Set You Up for SUCCESS!

Mattress by Appointment - This is a very specialized retail service that provides convenience to consumers. And they love it. You make it easy for a person to purchase a mattress, one that fits his schedule better than going to a sleep shop or furniture store.

You set your schedule based on appointments that are made online and over the phone. This isn’t an MLM business opportunity.  You will alsonot need to cold call . You have access to all the major mattress brands.

Life Leadership - The Life You've Always Wanted! Our Products and Services are informational and educational, including audios, videos and books in both physical and digital formats, as well as thousands of live events held around the world. Additional, we offer various services designed to save people money on transactions and purchases they are already making.

SmashFund - This is the first social crowdfunding network. This is for the dreamer who dares to dream, the entrepreneur who eats obstacles for lunch, and a place where passions, people, and life collide. This is where you get to crowdfund your passion.

IACFB - Factoring lets businesses sell their accounts receivable to a factor, who then provides them with cash immediately. This is a reputable cash-generation model that has been around for decades. As a factoring broker with IACFB, you receive commissions for your referrals. You earn residual income for the life of the account, which is often three, four or five years.

ePay Management - When you start working as 1099 for ePay, you earn upfront and residual income commissions for the lifetime of the accounts your refer to them. You are offering businesses a state-of-the-art financing and credit card payment solutions. Businesses love this service because it also lets them offer installment loans to customers.

MatchRate Plus - As an independent residual income sales representative for MatchRate Plus, you sell their Cash Back Merchant Account Program. The company is accredited and has a good reputation in the industry. They offer merchants lower or match rates when signing up, as well as a hefty cash back program. Every company needs to accept electronic payments so the market is wide open for sales reps.

Lifes True Purpose - This company, a leader in the personal development field, offers upfront and residual pay. It is a direct sales company, not MLM. Lifes True Purpose offers a 12-month home study personal development course as well as a seminars.

Water into Cash Distributor Opportunity - Small Business: An American Cornerstone - Learn some surprising truths... It might seem like big businesses and corporate America have taken over our country, but the truth may surprise you. Have you ever wanted to be in front of a perfect Business with an amazing wave of opportunity? Naturally!

SocialXpand - Beginners and experts to social media can create a thriving business by following our step-by-step directions. Your clients can pay you up to $399 per month plus set up fees per order. So, it doesn't take many sales to become highly successful.

Symmetry Financial Group - Sharing the wealth of opportunity while balancing work and life. Symmetry Financial Group is the fastest growing insurance marketing organization in the country. With that in mind, we believe that the future of any company depends on its people; therefore, we've structured our corporate philosophy around the betterment of our agents. Our most important focus areas include getting agents paid quickly, keeping costs minimal and giving agents the training and support needed to achieve substantial success.

Power Into Life Inspiring Online Business Opportunity  - We're in booming The Leadership Development Industry! With Power Into Life you will have the opportunity to create a high level of business success from any location. Like-minded entrepreneurs to achieve your goals will support you. You’ll work from home and all you need is a phone and internet connection to do it. We have the systems and proven formula that makes this a profitable business venture. There is no selling required, and you won’t be doing home or coffee shop meetings.

Dream Studio LLC - Your investment of less than $100 that comes with a business starter kit qualifies you to get an IBO number, a free website where you can start selling right away, access to our team’s exclusive free business coaching program, training calls, training videos, support, and one on one training.

If you are serious about starting a business we are serious about working with you. Remember people do not regret the things they do, they regret the things they did not do when they had the chance.

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